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  • just a shame there has to be a war.

    on a lighter note, most the people here a good people just incredibly anti-conflict.
    Same here, though after a while I just stop, like Satya, I just stopped talking to him about anything remotely religious.
    Oh my, I started a thread a while back titled "ask a Christian", It was nice for a while then went south. We Christians are few and far between on this forum, and even fewer those who defend their faith.
    You've been there? I want to go. Since I figure there is no "perfect" time to go there (or anywhere for that matter), I want to check it out soon, possibly this or next year.

    It's kinda funny you should ask. The main reason why I want to visit Russia is the space program. I want to get a first-hand look of the history of it, down to Laika the dog in Star City. Of course I could read about it, but I want to immerse myself in Russia and it's culture. To visit another space-faring nation is like coolbeans to me. Besides all of that, I'd love to visit a very different place away from my culture; Spanish. All my Eastern European friends have told me there is a different attitude here then over there. For example, the nightlife is totally different. That, I'd love to see.

    Of course Russia isn't the only place I want to go, I'd love to check out Tokyo, South Africa, and even Peru. I want to see it all basically.

    P.S. I'm actually learning the language slowly through… Rosetta Stone! it's working so far! да.
    And what are your life goals exactly? =)
    Ahh it was just fabulous! I miss the US to no end.
    Very eager to go back!!!

    You would have been dead proud of me if you knew how much I grew during that trip, as opposed to my earlier very wide-eyed view!
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