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  • listening to chillout (dream) music on . Trying to get tired enough to sleep.
    Thanks. Yeah, thought it was a fun and glad you could relate to the thread on confidence.
    Your avatar reminds me of Dave Grohl in 'the pick of destiny'.
    I like sherbert, too. Even more, I like sorbet. Yumyum.

    I like to have long hair, too, yes. However my mom won't let me cut it, so that is a large factor, too. I don't think I would anyways. Hmm, that's a good question. It may have something to do with either emotional attatchment, or a feeling of pride in our consistency (we don't feel the need to always change styles). But I honestly haven't pondered that.
    The 1st quarter is ending, which means that the teachers are pulling out their hair and encouraging us to do the same. Full-IB wants my soul, the usual.

    No prob. My classmates and I love puns. We're really dorky.
    Hi. I felt like bugging you because your posts are amusing and fun.

    What's the scoop? (hehe my spanish teacher says this and I find it quite comical)
    Hey whats up Lucifer? I have read your posts allz the time and I actually just now realized that you are a female... Sorry... I never looked before... Canz I be your friend? You seem real cool...
    I get twenty six virgins? How old though? I don't want to be changing nappies?

    Can I get the same girl, twenty six times?
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