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Apr 5, 2010
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Mar 9, 1985 (Age: 34)
I don't have any particular goals for a career. I

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Jan 15, 2016
    1. 894tt3h9
      I should be on later on today. Perhaps in a couple of hours while I am at work! I'll say hello if I see you on.
    2. 894tt3h9
      Hey there,

      That email address should work! I just double checked it. I just sent you an msn request so hopefully that will work.
    3. Praefect
      I'm sorry to hear that. That's really not nice. We provide such an invaluable and beautiful service :) I just saw the thread, the question spoke to me, and wham, bam, it was alive again.
    4. Animekitty
      If you have a topic or just some questions about my crazy ideas I'd like to talk it.
    5. alcyone
      BLah...Okay, so apparently my fingers were a little quick on that enter button. Anyhow, I wanted to also mention that is one of the best descriptions I've ever heard for experiencing spirituality. Well posted, well said! I hope your Mom gave you a positive response.
    6. Bird
      It's directed towards almost every thread I've read.
      Not yours exclusively.
    7. Wally
      hmms, no wonder why nothing was working, i forgot to confirm my email address...oops hehe
    8. Silently Honest
      Silently Honest
      Hey you sort of just signed off without saying anything.
    9. Melkor
      Oh, don't be offended, I relish weirdness.

      To an extent.

      I don't like kippers in my tea or wear excessive amounts of the colour orange. Well
      ,save for the pure novelty of doing so.

      Oh, and I'm so not visiting if you make me remove my clothesD:
    10. Melkor
      Wow, you really are a freak!:3

      You make me feel slightly normal!


      Though kudos on the pansexuality and furry fetish.

      As for the transexual, meh, I appreciate gender too much to see it neglected, but I feel encouraged by your pride.;>
    11. Escrue
      Hey! ^__^ Thanks for the rep, have a great day <3
    12. dneecey
    13. Flavus Aquila
      Flavus Aquila
      I only just noticed your acceptance of my friendship invite.

      Thanks friend.
    14. Chessie
      *puts a sheet over your head.* Bad for your studies! Silly boy, that's bad for you. Meesh. Granted I am an internet addict so I am not one to talk.
    15. Kavalan
      Big distraction from my studies although it seems to have not helped to have been away
    16. Kavalan
      'ello... don't think I read anything of yours before I had myself banned. What's up?
    17. 2understandme
      hey. how are you? i like when my cat does that to me! i'm winding down for the night. a long day....
    18. Siamese cat
      Siamese cat
      *nudge, nudge*
      Nosepokes are always welcome here. You've got some interesting about me section there. What would be your favorite topic to write about, or do you have some symbol that's constantly out there in your various writings?
    19. LadyINFJ
      Thank you!!!! :))))
    20. Cecilff2
      I'll be online for about 10 more minutes so tonight might not work out, but go ahead and add me on Messenger or something and we can talk some time. I think I left the address public.
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    Mar 9, 1985 (Age: 34)
    I don't have any particular goals for a career. I
    I could write a terribly dry biography of places, events, and people but my inner life is as eventful as it is indescribable.

    I'm in my mid-twenties and hunting for meaning. Connectivity.

    If you want to know the full story you'll have to ask me directly. I love telling stories and hope I can make this one at least a little interesting.
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    6.Affection. I'm a snuggle whore. Get over it.

    5.Music. I'd have started killing people without music some years ago.

    4.The capacity to write.

    3.A feeling of connectivity. It's a feeling of being part of the cosmos.

    2.Freedom. Self determination. I may live in a society that is only free in a very weak sense but freedom is necessary. If I ever face prison, it would be a death sentence.

    1.Information Access. Books, the internet, other people. I need stimulation.
    What would be your epitaph?:
    Haha! Now She's Your Problem You Divine Asshole!
    Lemme see...I'm a young nudist transgendered furry BDSM fetishist writer and livin' somewhere around Madison. If you're in the world, feel free to pet my ears. They're very shapely and agreeable to petting.

    Chessie is the first name I took after I abandoned the name I was born with. My dearest best friend at the time decided I smile just a little bit like the Cheshire cat.

    Late 2003 I managed to put together all of the various parts of myself to discover I was trans-gendered. I know, real head trip, right? It hit me out of left field too although why I'll never know.

    My Crotch. Yes, it comes around to that question. Okay okay, ask questions. Feel free to ask about me being trans. I love to talk to other transexuals. Trans-admirers aren't welcome. Meesh!

    In people I will always look for those with intense stories first. I'm well educated and I don't like drama at all! Chessie is a low drama kitten. Life is a cuddle, a good movie, some pasta, friends, and freedom. Keep that in mind and you'll have a perfectly happy time on this planet!

    The shamans, artists, philsophers, and monsters are the people who seed the world with their madness and manifest our possible destiny.

    Chessie's an affectionate mess so get used to it! If you message me, you're likely to get your head hugged. Mrowr.

    I'm an INFJ personality with a Keirsey temperament of Idealist/Advocate/Champion. I know those tests aren't definitive but they sure do give people good guidelines.

    Bring me your brains! If you're brilliant I need to meet you. Wise minds will get through the door first. Smarts are nummy.

    Bottom notes: I love people. I'm most often available through Yahoo, AIM, MSN, and Skype but don't ask for Skype right at the start and dear gods don't give my info to your friends.

    Myriad. Just myriad. Sociology and politics hold a special place in my heart but I am a fan of the sciences as well. Trans-humanism is a strong part of my personal philosophical structure so I guess you could say that my religion is progress of mind, body, and spirit towards grand and unknown futures.


    Yahoo! Messenger: