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You self-righteous little...

Being "yourself” is not the solution, it’s the problem.

Funny, he can't seem to say why it's the problem... He also says "I’m no academic."

Interesting question - does he ever do introspection? Does he see how empty his life really is? All that is gold does not glitter...
It's a scam trying to get introverts who have been typecasted(alienated or outcast is probably a better word) as being somehow "wrong" and feel guilty that something is wrong with them.

There is nothing wrong with introversion. Period.
this doesn't bother me at all.

i will even download it, once it leaks to a torrent tracker in my neighborhood. skim through it. but i am pretty sure, that non of his strategies are applicable to me. maybe to an istj or something. (something very rigid and insensitive and power hungry)

i am sick of watching how extroverted people are always the first to produce and sell superficial low quality stuff in every sector of profession, because they are quick to think their work is worthy of advertising/publishing/implementation whatever, and they really believe it.

if anyone could teach me, to beat them with their own weapons i would certainly like to learn it.

its a typical delusion of introverted people to make the moral statement that the fast paced ways of the world were amoral. morality has to be derived from human nature, and extroverted people are living up to their natural standard, not below standard and not below introverted standard, because the latter does not apply. we can hate their world, because it leaves few room for different standards, but we can not claim that their world would be immorally in in itself.

so, if it is not immorally, than we can not delude us into believing that we are making some kind of moral boycott, when we don't even try to advertise our product in their market. we are only acting out egocentric values, that destroy the potential of purpose in our lives.

this is not what values, that are concerned with oneself, are supposed to do. they are supposed to strive for maximum development of potential.

i believe, some introverted people have proven that they at least had this potential, to act according to extroverted standards. maybe it required enlightenment to set it free. or something. certainly it were not the affirmations from self-help books and audio tapes.

apparently a lot of INFx love it, when their type is exemplified to famous people. most of them would have not become famous, if they had ignored standards of tact and pace of the extroverted world, and insisted on their own tact and pace. not gandhi, not princess diana.
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So my post got deleted when the threads were merged?
It's not supposed to happen that way, but if you were typing your post as the threads were being merged, it might have disappeared into cyberspace. More details?
Since when is caring about others such a foreign concept?

Some people just don't care about others. It's always been foreign to them. Some people just stopped. Some people say outrageous things so that they can get free publicity on internet forums to help sell their product.

It's not a foreign concept to me, I get it. Even though I disagree with his method, I also get what he is doing. should I put this...? DIE , YOU WORTHLESS PISS FUCK!!!!!!!!!!
It's not supposed to happen that way, but if you were typing your post as the threads were being merged, it might have disappeared into cyberspace. More details?

I guess it is gone. I don't remember exactly what I said, but I really do not like this guy.
I think that in part, the reason that the reason the offensive add is so infuriating is because in part it is true.

In some part, I would like to be able to 'do whatever I want' in an extroverted sensing sense. In part I don't like being so introverted and poor at external organisation.

However, this is, I think, just envy. I am happy when I am on my own or in quiet groups. I enjoy the internal life of thought. I don't worry about - or even think about - the mess my desk is in..... EXCEPT when an extroverted sensor comes along and demeans me.

There is no way to defeat or better that kind of insult, because the things I most value and am best at cannot be seen, so there is no way to come back with an 'I'm better than you' arguement. And since no counter-attack is possible, only anger remains.

Would I like to be super popular, successful and organised? Only when I am comparing myself to extraverted sensors. Otherwise, I am indifferent to these things - I can't honestly say that I daydream about a lot of people coming up to me to hear what I have to say; nor do I daydream about managing teams of accountants or beaurocrats.

I think the underlying question is: how can INFJ's insulate themselves from being provoked to envy or anger by people like the extroverted sensor who placed that nasty add?

PS. is there a spell-checking function? I can't spot it. (no, I'm not being ironic - I can't spot it)
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This guy sounds like an ENFP, heh.

*begin mockery*

"You're the guy who everyone else sees through, but placates because they know you'll pitch a fit if you don't get your way.

You're the one who isn't seeing through the smile and nods far enough to realize everyone is thinking "just hold still and he'll keep going".

If you were an academic, you'd have realized that no one actually likes you, and only keep you around to laugh at - not with.

The only reason no one is able to get a word in is because you won't shut up. It doesn't mean you're cooler than us, just more obnoxious, self absorbed, and lacking any regard for appearing useless.

In a few years, you'll be all alone and forced to find a new group of friends to exploit because everyone will finally get so fed up with you that they're willing to drop to your level just to be rid of you. Meanwhile, the rest of us will still have our lasting friendships that will build for a lifetime.

Believe it or not, being a pushy jackass is more of a problem than being patient and polite."
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