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Wise Fool, Foolishy Wise or jusp plain foolish


Time Lord
Oct 7, 2009
Florida man
how do you view yourself, more importantly how do you view your knowledge.

Do you think you are wise, or are you foolish or something in between?
i'm a damn fool
I'm not consistent.

In my field I am pretty confident that there are few that could hold a candle to me. In other areas I'm pretty useless. Wise or foolish? I'm just me - whatever that is.
I am a tom fool, that engages in tomfoolery.
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I was wise as a youth, wise in my early 20s, then I got extremely lucky was a super wise 27 year old. Everything was going great, until calamity struck at age 30, and I lost a great deal of wisdom. Much of my wisdom was built up around self discipline and action, and my life no longer allowed for it. The result was like starting over, learning to walk mentally with a new mindset.

But the path was foolish.

I now know I should have never abandoned my old ways, but instead understood that self-discipline and rigidity are not the same thing. SO now I'm hoping to regain some of my old wisdom and move forward. But we will see, I may be permanently foolish now.
No, I cannot say that I am an out-and-out fool (although I do a pretty good impersonation of one now and then) simply because certain spiritual influences in my life have kept me from careening dangerously too far out into the abyss. That said, yes, I could probably be considered wise, but only as a pale reflection of Wisdom...I know this all too well. It is not something I possess, but it is rather something I have chosen to relate to, to respect, to align myself with. Why? Because it seems to actually work in the big picture of real life. Wisdom is my teacher, and I am simply a learner. Given what I have seen of Wisdom, I do not expect this relationship to change in the near future.