Where are you?


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The purpose of this thread isn't to say where you actually are, but where you feel you are.
It doesn't have to be a real place, either, or even a believable place. It can be as realistic or as abstract as you want.
Describe where your mind and your heart are~
A small spring in a vast forest; the trees are enormous, and there is the quiet influence of life all around. The light is dimmed greatly, and the air is warm and charged with fragrance. A few beams of light occasionally break through the canopy and splash over bark and green undergrowth. Blue butterflies play around the water, weaving in and out amongst each other, and when they flutter through the patches of light, their scales on their wings glimmer brilliantly.
The spring is a clear, light blue. It has a very small trickle pouring into it from an equally small tributary, and the echo of water hesitantly dripping is the only sound.
At this very moment, a cubicle.

More on that later.
In an ancient abandoned library where the books are in perfect conditioned, dimly lit with oxblood leather chairs, surrounded by tomes that I've always wanted to read, with all my friends around me, bugging me, trying to get me to go outside for a ride and to have an adventure.
Above the skies with cooling and refreshing air but later dropping into a whirlpool.
I am overlooking an island, it's peaceful, but they're wanton disregard has caused me to become highly active, any more and I may erupt.

It isn't pretty when a volcano erupts.
eh kinda. lol. It was the first thing that popped in my head. lol.
A universe with a random transporter attached to my wrist, that I can never take off. I have no way to know where, when, or why it will transport me to some other location or some other world. Good or bad, scary or funny. The possibillites are limitless. Sometimes I end up in a dense winter wonderland full of evergreens on a mountian. Sometimes I am taken to empty stary space, where there is complete silence, where I can acsses the limitless cosmic information and gain insight to everything I can imagine. Sometimes I end up in a open barren red dusty field with electrical abstracts waiting to harm me and knock me unconscience. Once and a while, for fleeting moments, I am taken to the master gateway room, where I can choose where to go and where to reside for a period of time. Disabling this helpful and so very hurtful transporter.

I'm distracted at the moment so I can't really paint a SUPER pretty picture of what I mean right now.
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On top of a vast anthill. Barefoot.
In a log cabin with a real fireplace fire going and soft guitar music playing. It's snowing outside (in reality too) which gives me a soft fuzzy feeling, especially while being in my warm cabin.
Exactly RIGHT NOW I am somewhere beyond Time and Space. It's almost like Nowhere.

But I am changing a lot. I can already guess where I will end up later. But I will describe that one when I actually AM there.
I'm on a tropical island; it's very sunny, the water is a clear, bright blue-green, and latin island music is sending a beat all around. Things are relaxed, but very festive; people are dancing on the beach, and no one's worrying about anything.
Someone pass me a pina colada :D
I'm on a small desert island where there's a palm tree and three coconuts.

That's it.

I'm contemplating chancing a swim to land, even though I'm sure I'd die.
Oooh... how about a big pit, right? Both with spikes and shit at the bottom, maybe with a few dead bodies, and there's this big rope, and I'm holding the rope. The walls can just be the earth.

That sounds kind of alarmist.
In an ocean doing a star fish shape to keep me afloat and relaxing in the sun's warm shine.:m112: