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When does flirting get serious?

You really don't have a lot of patience, do you? ..

No I don't. EVERYONE says that I don't. I get bored easily and end up jumping around singing stupid songs and dancing or making random little inventions if things are too quite around me...

I CANNOT sit still, I have to have something happening around me.
Heh :) Just remember that not everyone is on at the same time, so sometimes replies take a while
I think that this depends on the two who are commencing in flirting. Typically flirting becomes serious ONLY and ONLY IF an emotional and or sexual compatability is formed; or some sort of attachment. If this occurs to one person and not the other, it can cause complications. There are some people who do not grasp a form of attatchment purely by flirting or by intimate acts such as sex. These people are impossible to deal with for the majority of society. I enjoy these sorts of people, vastly. In fact I may be included in this population.