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What webcomics do you read?


Shai Gar

What webcomics do you read?

I read:

Least I Could Do - I love this guy
Looking For Group - I love Richard
Something Positive - I love INTPs (aubrey = ENTP, Davin = INTP)
Real Life Comics - Hehehe, Moar ENTPs(greg) and INTJs(Tony)
User Friendly
Nukees - Teh Gav (ENTP, Teh Danny (INTP), Teh Lucas (ENTJ)
8Bit Theatre - BLACKMAGE!!! (ENTP)
Giant ITP (Erfworld, Order of The Stick) - Lord Hamster (ENTP)
Punch an Pie
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No Need for Bushido
VG cats
No Pink Ponies
Penny and Aggie
Dresdon Codak - If it weren't for this one I probably wouldn't even know what the MBTI was.
XKCD... just XKCD. Man I love that comic... but my family is just ridiculous or something. I showed them 3 or 4 of the ones you didn't even have to know any math or science to get and they didn't get them at all. I seriously think something's wrong with them.

I only read LFG. And Dilbert, if that counts. But I might have to check out some of the ones you guys listed.
*checks her webcomics bookmark folder... finds too many to mention*

So, some selections include:

Megatokyo: my first webcomic addiction. I don't care, I'm sticking it through til the end of this baby!
EGS: another relatively slow story comic, but nevertheless the humor is entertaining and gives me warm fuzzies.
GPF: I'm not liking the current break from the story.... but ah well. GPF has some good storylines, and good concepts.
XKCD: the most recent addition to the list, my bf loves it, and now i do as well.
Gunnerkrigg Court: AMAZING ART and AMAZING STORY!!! This is truly developed enough to actually be written as a story and do well on that merit. And it is STILL above par as a webcomic!
Red String: it's a little girly.... and just as i stick with megatokyo, I'm gonna stick with this til the story finds resolution.
Applegeeks: "I draw pretty pictures!" What's not to love?
Ctrl+Alt+Del: YESness. Wintereenmess.... all that is cool about gaming. And I'm not even a gamer!

And I might mention.... these are not on my bookmarks, but i do check up on them occasionally.

Penny and Aggie.... cliched, but Aggie is just awesome
Leasticoulddo..... i really don't know how i first read this, but i go back once in a while in hopes that the main character might actually have changed and matured. Actually, he has, just slightly.... not enough for me to be a regular though.
Striptease: the ironic title is cool... I just think the characters are way too dramatic for people who's profession is drawing comics! *sigh*
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LICD is an ENTP :D He'll never be an Idealist, but his version of Maturity is... Mine XD

Penny and Aggie is awesome. I too dig Aggie.
Questionable Content (pure, unadulterated crack)
Penny and Aggie (although I haven't kept up)
Garfield without Garfield (I count it as a webcomic!)
Daisy Owl
Dork Tower
Penny Arcade
Looking for Group (occasionally)
Striptease (although I'm really behind)
Jack (really, really dark, and I rarely read it now)
Gene Catlow (behind again)
Suburban Jungle (behind)
Bayou (which is coming out as a print comic)
Dinosaur Comics (when I find it)
Girl Genius
Two Lumps

And a bunch of others I lurk through, from time to time.
Menage a 3 is an okay adult webcomic.
In order:
The Book of Biff
Questionable Content
Valkyrie Yuuki
Bob and George
Penny Arcade
no Need for Bushido
Fantasy Realms
I occasionally read LFG and Cyanide and happiness, they are cool.

I frequently read xkcd because it's just awesome :D
CAD comic
and real life comic

I don't follow them daily or weekly .. it's more like monthly lol
I try to read 8bit Theatre (yes Shai, Black Mage is awesome) and Cyanide and Happiness when I can these days but I never keep up.

I use to read Ctrl+Alt+Del and sometimes Megatokyo, and at one point in my life I was reading all of these in addition to Penny Arcade and one or two others that I've forgotten but I simply don't have the time anymore.