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What impresses you?


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Aug 21, 2009
In general, what impresses you about a person?

Specifically, what are some skills or hobbies that you are impressed by when meeting someone new?
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A high degree of success that presumably required extensive effort.
The ability to remain kind, to laugh and remain at ease in the face of stress, to de-escalate conflict especially between a group.
The ability to use wisdom to teach others in a way that draws others to trust the individual and value them. The ability to inspire.
The ability to work quickly, to produce high-quality work quickly.
In general, I am pretty easily impressed.

If someone can do something better than I can, that's impressive to me.
I'll just give a recent example: Parker Schnabel. A 17 year old wise beyond his years.
In general, what impresses you about a person?
Many things could impress me. Brain, talent, courage, wisdom, charisma, the way someone looks at you can be impressive. Quite honestly, while not the first on the list, the looks could impress me if I knew this person also possesses an attractive brain and charming personality.

Specifically, what are some skills or hobbies that you are impressed by when meeting someone new?
Pretty much anything they do well that I can't do.
Looking back I've been impressed by military service, PhDs, certain types of looks and charm, you know things I don't have or can't or don't want to do... but the things that gets me or impresses me the most is someone who is super funny. A great sense of humor.
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Genuine joy for life. Drive to overcome adversities and setbacks. Desire for progress. Quiet confidence. Openmindedness. Integrity. Respectful disposition and demeanor. The X-factor.
A genuine understanding and apathy towards the choices made by others. Looking at others through a clear crystal sphere uninhibited by a smokey whirlwind of preconceptions.
Happiness, openness, good posture, and style.
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I like making eye contact with people, it speaks volumes about people, so I like it when new acquaintences will make eye contact. I like them to be open to handshakes when we first meet. I'm also more interested if they appear to be grounded, of a calm nature, and considerate. I generally don't look to be impressed, but if it is a new coworker I do like them to show competence, the ability to pull their own weight, ability to work well with others, and help other people out. If someone does that, right away, I'm usually impressed.
Wit, Intelligence, mystery I guess?
oh and able to communicate well (not necessarily verbally)
I'm impressed by sincerity, humility, and intelligence.

But as far as skills and hobbies....

I guess artistic/musical abilites and scientific/philosophical/theological knowledge.
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Musical Talent, Well-roundedness, Openess, Humility, Intelligence, Efficiency, Ambition, Drive, Passion...especially when someone like an engineer uses the same passion he talks about his craft with to talk about human anatomy, cooking, poetry, music, politics...you get the idea.
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A wacky sense of humor, fun and funny, intelligence, honesty, self-respect, compassion, passion, character...

I am impressed with people that are very good at business, mathematics and (an expert) with computers. For hobbies, I would say I'm impressed with people that are athletic...really into sports, hiking, running, biking...any of those really. Also artists and people that are into collecting quirky oddities.
I wonder if respect is simply externalizing internal values. Projecting, of a sort?

Authenticity, originality, passion and vitality, and an organic approach (ever-growing) to living and behaving generally impress me.
My respect, however, is much harder to acquire and I am unsure why. Being impressed does not necessitate respecting.
It may be action and intention that differentiates the two, in which case someone would have to meet or exceed my own moral standards.
Yikes. How snobbish. I need to work on that.

Edit: After thinking about this today, I realized I don't actually know what impresses me. I think those ingredients are just by-products. Thank you, [MENTION=1593]pipsqueaka[/MENTION] for posting this thread; it has given me something to think about and exposed a character flaw.
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Self-sufficiency and finding a way to survive that doesn't involve being a corporate whore.
Being easy going and turning tense situations into pleasant ones has always impressed me.
Kindness, in a time of upheaval.

I'm ultimately always shocked when someone admits their mistakes and takes ownership of it. I admire people like this. I cannot stand people who do not take responsibility of their shortcomings and do not try to change their circumstances. I hate laziness, the victim mentality, and all that "it's not my fault" bullshit.
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Something else that impresses me are animals and their physical abilities.
Ex. My cat's ability to comfortably walk a narrow ledge, to leap heights at least double her own height, and so on.