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  • Bio!!!!!!!!! <3 How are you???
    Goooddd!!! You??
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    Things have been a bit hectic, but it could be a lot worse! We have a new chat room for the forum by the way, if you ever feel like popping in. :) Here's an invite to it:
    Bio, omg, I made the spiced pecans! ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡THEY'RE SO GOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!! \o/
    I'm always trying to find good skin care products and make-up! I have really sensitive skin so it can be difficult to find stuff that doesn't irritate it. Often I just give up and do my lips/nails.

    Work is okish! Lol, lots of changes happening with the company and how they run things, but it seems like it's for the better.

    I see my boo-thang May 22nd. ;) I'm going to do unspeakable things to him when I get there. Colorado will have to avert its gaze.
    PERFECT!!! I'm not sure the world could handle our collaboration. ;)

    If she does age, dammnnn, she ages like a fine wine.
    When I die I want to be reincarnated as MIA

    He went on temp leave to focus on life thingies, said he's swamped right now. He'd said he'd PROBABLY be back. If he tries to escape, I know what city he lives in. I can track him down from there. He cannot hide from us.

    Bout to read up on them links~
    If you'd be cool with hooking me up with articles, sure! I lurf learning like fish lurf water.

    Oh yeah! Horatio said he forgot to say bye to you, and that he wanted me to tell you "baaaiii"
    P.S. Whenever I see bottles of ketchup and mustard I think of you and smile fondly.
    Biobiobiooo. I've been reading up on ESI and ILI. Some aspects of ESI certainly resonate with me, but as a whole ILI is feeling right, even the more negative traits of the type, lol. Weird!

    Hey there lady.))

    Hope you stay warm and find lots of delicious food on the rest of your trip.))
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