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(un)ordinary means of communication


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Dec 23, 2008
A friend (who happens to have an inactive account here) IM-ed me a question, and I started replying:

[23:12] ****: what's a really ordinary means of communication
[23:13] me: IM-ing?
[23:13] me: talking
[23:13] me: hand gestures
But then I started going wayward:
[23:13] me: message in a bottle?
[23:13] me: moorse code?
[23:13] me: pig latin?
[23:14] me: telepathy?
[23:14] ****: how is that ordinary o_O
[23:14] me: it is if you're god
[23:14] ****: I mean for humans
[23:14] me: ooooohhhh
[23:14] me: lol
[23:14] me: why didn't you say so =P
Other methods I told him:
- highlight letters in a newspaper that form your message
- rent a billboard
- haunt their dreams
- letter via carrier pigeon (don't let the fact that they're extinct stop you)
- spread a rumor and hope the person hears the rumor
- hack a traffic sign
- post a /b/ GET milestone containing the person's contact info and the message
- use a black hole as a quantum computer
- record yourself miming and put it on youtube (or even better, interpretive dance)
- tattoo the message on your forehead

so I ask you: what are some "ordinary" means of communication?
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  1. LOL
  2. Air writing
  3. Pissing in the snow
  4. Graffiti
  5. Emoticons
  6. Alphabet Soup
  7. really long soup can phone
  8. Write a letter attach it to a ball and launch it out of a cannon
  9. Launch a messenger boy out of a cannon
  10. Write Santa to write him
  11. Drop a ton of messages over his area propaganda style and hope he gets one
  12. Dig a message in the sand then take a picture of it.
  13. Smoke signals
  14. Walkie talkie
  15. Get a bunch of lady friends together write the message on your chest and figure your self prominently in a football game.
  16. Steal his year book write the message in it then give it back
  17. Crawl into the walls of space in his house, and whisper your message in a spooky voice.
  18. Write your message on his first born child
  19. If it does not fit write it on your second born child.
  20. Carve it in a tree, chop down the tree then mail the hunk of would with said message in it.
  21. Paint the message on a line of ducks and pass them before his house.
  22. Spray paint the message on a national monument then wave at him from the tv as you get arrested.
  23. Call a radio station and shout the message before the DJ hangs up.
  24. Rent one of those planes at the beach with the flag behind it.
  25. Write it invisbele ink on the Mona Lisa then murder someone and have someone to call him in order to investigate.
  26. Buy a unicorn and drop it on his house with the message written on it.
  27. Sneak it into the credits of a movie.
  28. Streak
  29. Write it on his mother grave stone.
  30. Pay for his obituary and write it in their
  31. Write it all over his face when he is passed out drunk


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Use your friends bodies to form letters...


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I couldn't say.
Claps for Lucifer :m131:
1. Ransom note
2. brick/rock through window
3. white noise
4. write a letter on their window
5. paint in blood spatter (waaaaaaaaay out from left field, I know)
6. paint it on a nearby rock *with paint*
7. write it on a paper airplane
8. make them a mixed tape
9. same as above, but complete with subliminal messages
10. put an ad in a magazine
11. burp the words out
12. arrange seashells at the beach to form words
13. will a storm to communicate for you
14. :pizza: say it with pizza! :pizza:
15. make letters with peas
16. create a song for them
17. mass produce potato chips, and print your message on all the bags
18. put an ad in the stranger
19. make a supernova
20. pay someone else to say it
21. tell everyone else and hope someone tells the intended person (very effective...lol)
22. tell their boss to write it on their paycheck for you
23. slingshot
24. attach your message to a comet
25. hypnotize them, and tell them
26. make a small plastic sailboat, and ship them a message
27. ask your cat to tell them
28. spell it with flowers (long-term)
29. write them a 6,000 word email that they will then read for approximately nine seconds
30. have a cow pass the message along for you
31. hire an attorney
32. convince the writers of a national and very popular prime time tv show to formulate their plot around your message
33. telegram
34. postal mail
35. attach the message to a trained snail (faster than postal)
36. sell the message on ebay, and hope they buy it
37. put your finger into your modem and try to will the message onto their screen
38. use the power of electricity to transfer the information
39. teleportation
40. write a children's book
41. create a recipe in which the first letter of each ingredient matches the first letter of each word in your message
42. write it on a GC vial
43. use chemical structures (through GC/MS) to communicate your message by creating peaks that resemble letters
44. make something fluoresce, that always gets attention
45. make a montage
46. make a collage
47. teach the wind to howl in the form of words
48. use the stars
49. ask a ghost to tell them

I wish I could get paid for this, lol
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Ouija board. My all time favourite.
Ouja boards frighten me.. Strange experience. Subtly strange.. but strange nonetheless.
With another. Felt a strange burst of energy and then my friend said that my eyes looked crazy and the tone of my voice changed.. as we were chanting. I've not done it since. Could have been nothing.. but then again it could have been something.
This may sound strange, but your are probably very sensitive to the sort of psychic energy embodied in a ouija board. I have seen similar to what you describe before.
There is another, more 'safer' kind of board termed a 'psychic circle'. It doesn't have the same feel as a ouija board.
This may sound strange, but your are probably very sensitive to the sort of psychic energy embodied in a ouija board. I have seen similar to what you describe before.
There is another, more 'safer' kind of board termed a 'psychic circle'. It doesn't have the same feel as a ouija board.
I hate to derail this thread.. but that is fascinatin'...what exactly have you seen? You can PM me if you like.
a (gentle) kick in the butt
Haha! 'gentle.' Because a non-gentle does communicate a totally different sentiment, yes!
Playful violence is different.

communication.... A series of unintelligible grunts