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I suppose before I get too cozy here, I'll get down to business. The online tests have been a loose canon. A lot of members in the MBTI community say to take it with a grain of salt. I've been scored as INTP on numerous occasions. On a few tests it has come up INTJ and INFJ. However, I can't agree with the INTP and INTJ style, both from visiting the forums and reading the descriptions. The funny thing is, after that venture I score as ISTP in the online tests. I agree strongly with ISTP, but there are some traits that just don't fit no matter how I look at it. INFJ was the next stab in the dark. However, it felt, tame. I'm indifferent in what I think of it. Recently, a friend that majored in MBTI says I'm an INFJ. So I no longer know what to think. Incidentally, it's the reason I'm here. Perhaps if I can finally understand MBTI I might be able to grasp this strange species known as human.

"Upon a pedestal I place myself to be judged by ye all, I beseech ye, grant me mercy!"


Based on your experience, what do these quirks qualify as?

As a kid, I wanted to be everyone's friend. I loved to see people laugh, even at my own expense. If I could help another person and they benefited from it, that's all that mattered. It was my job to pick up the slack when someone else failed. Conflict was to be avoided if at all possible. I was too afraid to think what I thought of someone unless they crossed the line for the final time. I spent most of my youth nieve. I assume this is an ISFJ archetype.

10 years later, I'm different. My introverted side - I would like to say I am an optimist through pessimism. If everything that can go wrong has some planned scenario (yeah right), I can enjoy without worrying. If something goes wrong in the heat of the moment, I lock up and I'm left analyzing it until I've plotted different ways to deal with it. When planning I'm not specific, I try to plan as many thresholds and scenarios as I can. Textbook just doesn't cut it. I'm very unorthodox in my methods. In my head, I'm my own worst enemy. There are times when thoughts and ideas flow like a movie in my head and they play themselves out. This is unusual and I can't explain it.

Extraverted side - There is nothing that I can't copy. If I see something someone else does, I will copy it, adapt it to my own needs, and improve upon it. I have a bad habit of reporting my results to the other person so they can improve their own skills. They don't like it. I love competition at my own skill level, they'll force me to think up something new. I believe in fair play. If my competition is weaker, I will handicap myself. If they are superior, there is no point in even bothering - I'll walk away.

People side - People are of particular interest to me. I most enjoy studying there interactions. It's something I rarely engage in, I spend most of my time alone and I've no desire to change this. There are times I can read a person's mind and predict what they'll do before it's done. Why, I'm not sure. There are times it plays out like a movie. At times I'll see variables in humans that I can't make out or understand well.

Berserker side - A fair warning is given that another's words, and it is almost always another's words, that I'll go postal on them if they don't backoff. It feels like rage, but it isn't blind - it's extremely controlled and focused. My senses seem very alive during this state. My prey won't win.

Personal Beliefs - The truth speaks for itself. It's easier to maintain than a lie. Never step on another person if it can be avoided. Everyone has there own rights, but I also have mine. I am just as selfish as the next person. Retreat at the most convenient times, otherwise escalate a situation as much as another person pushes it. If they won't back off, go berserker. Stay quiet and study other people before saying anything. Everyone has a weakness that can be exploited if they cross the line. Know as many useful scenarios as possible. Useless scenarios are pointless. I would much rather not say what I think about people. There insistance or crossing the line will result in brutal honesty. Depending on my mood, I either feel ashamed or take great delight in such behavior. I don't want to attack my opponent until they've struck first. That way, I have every right to see them crash and burn. On the one hand, I love matching my competition, but I do not like slaughtering them or being slaughtered. If I could, I would rather avoid it altogether.

Persona - My normal facial expression is blank. Chuckling, laughing, smirking and stupid grins take the place of a smile. I'm either very quiet or very talkative - each one is to the extreme. I'm either very submissive or very aggressive.

Style - Active. Very active. The more active I am and the more projects I have the better. If they are overwhelming I collapse, but eventually complete them. If I have no projects, I feel utterly bored. And boredom is my enemy. Sadly, I find myself in ruts of boredom quite frequently. I can only rehash the same thing so many times before it loses its use and I'm forced to move on. That sense of mystery is a must.

Based on MBTI descriptions, this sounds like an ISTP or an ENTP. A friend majoring in this says it is INFJ, so as before, I'm at a loss. I appear to be all over the board in this.
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I thought ENTP as well, but there's a lot in there that doesn't click with me.
What about istp do you feel you don't relate to?

How do you feel/think when things don't go to plan?
While reading your quirks I mostly said check, check, yep, me too. You seem very INFJ to me.
I appear to be a loosed cannon, I suppose I'll stick around here to find out, hopefully. As for what I don't agree with, ISTP advocates high risk thrills to know that they're alive. I don't need this. INFJs are people pleasers - I don't need this either. If a situation doesn't go as planned, have either a fight or flight reflex. Take it head on, or cut losses and retreat. Normally, the former is only in regards to other people, strangely enough.
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And boredom is my enemy. Sadly, I find myself in ruts of boredom quite frequently. I can only rehash the same thing so many times before it loses its use and I'm forced to move on. That sense of mystery is a must.

= SP

From what you have written you come across as much more of a T than an F, I can't quite explain it but it's partly in your writing style.

I think you are probably ISTP, I wouldn't be to concerned about the "risk taking" the type descriptions are usually exaggerated.
Based on some of the posts you've made on the boards you really strike me as SP for what it's worth.

As for what I don't agree with, ISTP advocates high risk thrills to know that they're alive. I don't need this.

One of my best friends is ISTP and I assure you I take more risks than her, she enjoys living in the moment but when I get a huge grin on my face and suggest something deliciously thrilling with childlike enthusiasm she tends to back away from me slowly with nervous laughter. She will get on board with my spontaneity though as long as it doesn’t interfere with her WoW or Warhammer raids *roll eyes*

Persona - My normal facial expression is blank. Chuckling, laughing, smirking and stupid grins take the place of a smile. I'm either very quiet or very talkative - each one is to the extreme. I'm either very submissive or very aggressive.

This part reminds me of her, she appears to have pretty big extremes. One of the more contradictory things about her is she can appear exceptionally social but in reality she isn't, she loves fun but she's pretty anti-social at times.

I rarely work on one thing at a time. I get an idea and chase it down. I’m always studying–not just books but looking at what interests me. I customize everything I touch; people tell me I can’t do something, and I say sure I can. And I like time to just sit down and enjoy. But when I have too much time I tend to just pick away at things. I am really much better when there is a deadline.

I don’t like the social stuff. It takes too much time, too much energy. I’m bored. I can’t figure out how to make myself more relaxed, and I never really know what I’m supposed to be saying. I have only a few close friends that I really see a lot. Yet people have seen me as someone very lively and talkative. That’s the part of me that likes life to be an adventure.

I like flexibility in what I do. Fun means something that interests me. Organized things don’t come to me easily, but I can do them. I’ve always found ways to make things fun. It’s a game to make sure you can come to the next point where you have freedom again There’s something insincere about doing something just because of somebody or something else. What I do has to make sense, have impact. I cannot stand just busy work. It has to be meaningful. I have an incredible amount of enthusiasm and passion for certain things that I do and want to see done.

Anything? ^
I'm a people pleaser? :meyes:

I'd have to say I am, whenever possible. I like people around me to feel safe and comfortable, and I'll do whatever I can to create that atmosphere, so I guess that's people pleasing. I don't think People Pleaser necessarily means the same thing as Yes Man, at least it doesn't to me.

Obviously it's not possible all the time, for all the people, but I don't think its an unfair general assessment of our type.
Well...do you feel you think more globally, or more centrally? Do you think through what you're doing before you do it, or do you just go for it? If it feels like you do a little of both, which do you do most often, when there's no one watching?
this is one of the best ways to find your type, honestly.

http://www.infjorinfp.com/ said:
By now you know the four codes: Thinking (T), Feeling (F), Sensing (S), iNtuiting (N). Don't you?

So what attitude are your functions in? Can you distinguish which ones are introverted and extraverted? Is your "F" an innie or an outie? Does it flow toward you or away from you? Is your iNtuition an innie or an outie? Do you show it to others, or keep it to yourself? How about your Sensing and your Thinking?

The temptation is to suppose 4 simple letters are all there is to Type, but that's not true. That is only half the human possibility! Until you know the difference between Fe and Fi, you've barely scratched the surface.

Once you get a handle on the attitudes (the e and i bits),
here's the exercise (at last!):
Rank all EIGHT of your functions in the order in which you prefer them.
Yes, you heard me right. Rank all EIGHT.

Yes, most Type material merely deals with the four letters. But that leaves out "the other half." These processes exist, you have them, and sometimes situations demand you use them. Four of them are in "sun," and four of them are in "shade." You see, we all get all eight processes, and we promptly cast four of them into our shadow. Ranking your 4 "Shadow" functions can be most enlightening!

I list all eight functions below as a guide to help you.


Each one performs a different "task." Take out a sheet of paper and rank them in order of how comfortable you are using each one.

here are some definitions for the eight functions:
a brief summary: http://jamesbkim.com/content/definition-cognitive-functions
more detailed: http://www.cognitiveprocesses.com/