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thus spoke Zarathustra

Damn those Nietzscheans and their bone spikes.
I couldn't force myself to start Zarathustra. I don't have the endurance for that particular kind of boredom.
Zarathustra has been deeply inspiring lately, as if it were written exactly for me.

I wonder if infj's in particular are more profoundly touched by Nietzsche...

It would make sense to me if it were so.

The whole solitude thing and self-overcoming is what screams at me.

I read a few pages the other day that was so moving it brought me to tears.

Introduced the book to one of my buddies, and he was stunned by it. Said that the book should be burned...that it was literally of the devil.

I feel the same ! Nietzsche totally rocked my world ,too. I love the entire overcoming psilosophy .And 'Thus Spake Zarathustra ' is one of my favorite books ever.:D
Some years (maybe five years) ago I was fascinated by Nietzsche. Reading his works actually helped me with my depression. He wrote that one should have mercy for oneself (or something like that). The general point was that what everyone else thinks doesn't really matter. And because I felt hated, it felt encouraging to read that other people weren't necessarily right and that I didn't need to be anything that I'm not, I could just be me.

I don't know if I interpretted him correctly at all, though... x) In the past few years I have felt a need for spirituality and guidance from "above" and I have developped a dislike for antitheism, so I'm not a fan of Nietzsche anymore, but I don't dislike him either, for his thoughts meant something to me once.
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Well many argue that his not so glorious end of severe psychosis was a result of some maladjustment of his personal philosophy not from syphilitic infection . Someone whos steps I wouldnt be found following. I'm not a fan... something about the chap rubs me the wrong way.