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There has to be more to life than this

Logically, yes. But intuitively, it's like a big red flag.
I understand that, but I'm talking following the logic train, the red flag itself (which, I would consider it a sign of the missing point) would be somewhat different in actuality?

But yeah, I suppose if we truly were made for something, any preconceived notions about meaning in rebelling and choosing our own path would seem trivial in comparison.
I guess this is it; 'divine providence' (it doesn't have to be Christian) hasn't really been my thing ^^; so if that's what we're talking about, there's probably an unhealthy negative bias scattered.

I'll refrain from wrecking the discussion further.

I think of it this way:

I exist. Why am I here? I can distract myself by having a good life, but that doesn't solve the issue. Hmmm...
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Haven't you ever felt that way? How do you get over it?

Is this really it? Is this what we've been born to do, school, work, marriage, 2.5 kids, old age, death, a grandchild or two if we're lucky to carry on the 'privilege' of repeating the same routine, indefinitely? Sure, life can be WONDERFUL and I don't deny it, and there are many reasons to keep on going, not the least being the impact on those around us should we choose to depart early.. but damn, I get hung up on it sometimes. There has to a purpose, a higher reason, this all seems like complete nonsense!

Can anyone relate?

Life is very much what you make of it. Some things can be chalked up to fate or mere happenstance, but for the most part you are the deciding factor in which side roads you choose on your path of life. My belief is one of a greater cycle, life-death-reincarnation-repeat, which in the greater scheme I could see how one could become tired of life as the repetition has become boring. I've fought pretty hard to steer clear from a nihilistic outlook on life, sometimes I get in a funk and feel that it is all rather pointless but I always find something to pick me back up.