The Young Cons


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This... can't be.

My stats lowered after watching this video:

-1 charisma
-2 wisdom
-16 intelligence
I've got a D20 right here. Who wants to DM? 3.5 edition rules only please.
Hm...a thread about Conservative rappers turned into a discussion about D&D.

Only on this forum could this happen.
That was just awful. I love how they had to clarify what "Young Cons" stands for; it's like they're mocking the intelligence of the average Fox News viewer.
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Well come on... The average fox viewer thinks Palin would have been a good Vice President.
Well come on... The average fox viewer thinks Palin would have been a good Vice President.

I know someone (ISFJ) who I seriously think is going to be the next karl rove; the guy is so good with politics. I can't stand where he is politically, but I have to give him credit, he is borderline-genious. He thought sarah palin would be a good VP, and I do put stock into some of the things that he does say. I also know a few other well-educated conservitives that felt the same way.

I think part of the reason people liked her so much is because she was a very new, and a very blunt no-sugar-coating politition. I have to agree I liked that about her. Even though I disagreed with 95% of the things she said.
I like people who say what they think as well. I don't like people who can't think, or have nothing of worth to say.
So happy I moved out of the US. Lovely country, full of retards.

Then again, so is the world... can anyone let me borrow their appartment in mars?

(And on Palin: someone who says "We should attack Iran before it attacks us", three years later of starting a purposeless war in Irak that sunk the country needs to be shot. It's showing a level of stupidity unprecendented in the history of humankind. Not so much the Bushkind, though...)
The best part about this is that it could easily pass for satire. It would fit right in with an Onion report.
You brokeded me brain! :m142: