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Which famous female leader are you?

You're Sojourner Truth!

You seem to most as the unlikeliest person to gain power and influence. You may have been voted least likely to succeed. And yet your life has become a remarkable journey of success, soul-searching, and the inspiration of change. Choosing your own moniker for yourself certainly didn't hurt, leaving behind a name affiliated with the torments of your youth. Your plain speaking about the world as it is, your living example of the strength of humanity, and your incredible ability to defy injustice, those probably help too. The truth set you free.


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You're Joan of Arc!

Demonstrating unbelievable bravery at a young age, you are far more popular than you could ever know. Trying to blend in with an older, more mainstream crowd certainly got you in a lot of trouble. Nevertheless, you seem to seek out trouble so you can stand up for what you believe. While you prioritize nationalism as a perspective, you ultimately may do more for gender equality. Despite what some may misunderstand, you were never on a boat with a guy named Noah

lol I have a picture of Joan of arc on my profile. She's a real inspiration to me. (although I wouldn't describe myself as nationalistic)
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You're Hatshepsut!

A born administrator, you have an excellent eye for finance and economics. You also enjoy travel and sailing, and have encouraged others to join you in lengthy expeditions beyond the shore. While you challenge the established order of some traditions, others are quite important to you and you hope to build in ancestors' footsteps. You certainly have acquired enough money to do just this. Rumors of your greatness may or may not be somewhat exaggerated.

Especially the traveling and sailing part is true :D
You're Harriet Tubman!


Intensely clever and highly motivated, you are capable of amazing covert operations. Yet you prefer to do them in the service of justice rather than any given government or high bidder. The only difference between you and a superhero may be that you are actually real. Though you do have tremendous visions, in addition to your remarkable vision. You travel extensively, though you rarely stop to check out scenery. And while you're associated with trains, you spend more time on foot than anyone.

Yay I'm Harriet Tubman! :D
You're Golda Meir!

With connections to Ukraine, Wisconsin, and Colorado, no one ever really imagined that you'd end up involved in seemingly sacred pursuits. Your humble beginnings helped contribute, however, to a willingness to slog through whatever hard work is necessary to get things done. While many accused you of being unprepared for certain circumstances, it seems that being more prepared may have actually led to catastrophe. Shortening your name really brought you out into the light, even though you were always going for gold.
You're Wangari Maathai!
You really like being a groundbreaker. Often
literally. Unafraid of getting your hands dirty, you think that
trees and plant life are essential to building a better
future... or even having a future at all. This isn't just
helping people breathe easier, but it's led you to get
interested in all manner of injustices and troubles. You've
stood up to family, friends, and countrymen in an effort to
make a better tomorrow. Your name is made up, but the problems
are real.
You're Marie Curie!

Brilliant and methodical, you delve into deep examinations of the world around you at the level of highest detail. This careful observation has drawn you to conclusions that no one before would have believed, but you are able to prove. Such defiance of previous assumptions has brought you reverence, but you are able to brush it off as something anyone in your position might do. You're still big on medals, though. Sometimes your life is so hot, it seems almost radioactive.

You're Benazir Bhutto!

While you haven't exactly pulled yourself up by your bootstraps, you still stand as an incredible model for your people. Refusing to act out of fear when almost everyone advocates that you should, you are able to bring people together in hope and optimism. Constantly adjusting to changing realities, you have adapted and maintained your relevance over wide swaths of time. Sadly, your greatest days are behind you and now you know it's up to new generations to follow your lead.

Wow that was just the shot in the arm of optimism I needed. Heh.