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Feb 8, 2009
What do you all think about the book "The Thiaoouba Prophecy", I just finished reading it yesterday and all I can say is that it scared the living crap out of me. At first I didn't believe it because it sounded like a science fiction story but it had sufficient facts for me to consider it's validity. If you haven't read it I recommend you do so and give me your input about what it is said. Keep an open mind about it and tell me if you believe it or not.

Warning: Be ready to ask many questions if you don't believe in it.

Here's the link where you can read it.
darnnn@ your going to make me work!

(sigh) alright....ill go read up on it.

U know i HEAr the bible has sufficently true things there too.

althogh im no christian....
Eh, its too much. Can you sum it up in a sentence or two?

I'm not too worried about aliens.
Eh, its too much. Can you sum it up in a sentence or two?

I'm not too worried about aliens.

True...i was reading it and im like...oo gosh...

PLZ just tell me what its about....:m169:

imnot one lazy to be open minded but this- isl long man. for me at least.
I love a ripe imagination, but there are limits even to my suspension of disbelief.
He obviously enjoyed those mushrooms.

Some entertaining quotes:

I am sorry and ashamed to have been born French
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Ok I'll give you a summary that I found in a site. It's ok if you find it boring and uninteresting in some form or another I was expecting it lol. This is what more or less the book is about:

The author was supposedly benevolently and temporarily abducted by the Thiaooubans, on June 26, 1987, at half past midnight, and returned to his home in Australia precisely 9 days later. Those beings took Michel and taught him on the aforementioned topics. The book clearly gives different explanations on these topics than are commonly accepted, and it is worth noting that some of the explanations differ considerably from ones provided by a lot of ufology and New Age sources, although the book is certainly of the UFO abductee genre and, at least superficially, falls into the categorisation of New Age literature. The book is in considerable disagreement with numerous contemporary scientific theories, such as Darwinian evolution. For one, the book is absolutely clear that human beings have not descended from the apes or any other animal but have moved to Earth from other planets. The author makes it very clear that the book is not science fiction. He insists that the beings who had abducted him had chosen him for the specific reason that they had considered him capable of writing an accurate and objective report about his experience during the 9 days he spent on Thiaoouba.
The book informs and warns of the dangers that Earth's society holds, asserting that materialism and preoccupation with money is Earth's biggest downfall because it is extremely harmful to the cultivation of the mind; something that is so necessary for spiritual development and solving our big problems, both material and spiritual. The second terrible downfall is our predominant focus and obsession with technology and using technology as destructive weapons. We are told that our technology, while amounting to something, is nothing in comparison to what genuinely spiritually developed people have and are capable of, technologically and spiritually. Other threats include religion, violence, and the media. In addition, it points out that hallucinogenic drugs and loud noise are the two most extreme dangers to our spiritual wellbeing. In short, we are told that the spiritual (mental) evolution of the individual man and society as a whole has been terribly overlooked by us and even its basics have been far from comprehended, let alone undertaken seriously. This spiritual apathy results in terrible costs to society and individuals.
The reader is advised that spiritual awareness, focus and practice are urgently required if we are not to collapse in a mental and material catastrophe. Two crucial mental devices for progress -- meditation and mind concentration, have to be practiced systematically for achieving spiritual progress. We are told that love and loving one another despite our individual limitations and shortcomings, is crucial to the very survival of our "so-called civilization" and its future evolution in right directions [1]. These and other smaller hazards threaten the spiritual growth of the individual self. The book claims that ultimately, the meaning of life is to cultivate one's mind through physical and mental experience, and through focussing on the mental aspect of human existence (and certainly not on technology or any other material thing, because they are temporary), as to become perfect as much as possible in that regard, in order to be eligible for direct acceptance by the Source of Consciousness (known also as the Creator, or God) that has created and originated the universe and the soul of every human being at the time of the Big Bang. After re-joining the Creator, one would no longer possess and be burdened by a material, physical body, and by being pure spirit would experience eternal happiness in communion with the Creator.
The book introduces the notion of 9 (nine) planetary categories, each superior and offering significantly better life conditions than the one preceding it. We are, surprisingly or not, on the 1st (first) category, whereas the 9th (ninth) category is the ultimate one, after which it is possible to rejoin the Creator. To pass or graduate to a next planetary category, certain conditions have to be met, all of which depend on the extent of purity (from the perspective of the Creator) one has achieved in one's thoughts through one's individual spiritual development. Inferior thoughts, i.e. thoughts related to materialism, are filtered out by a complex universal hierarchy of extremely powerful invisible living beings very closely connected to humans and very highly dependent on them and in the process of a parallel spiritual evolution with humans, with only the best thoughts reaching the Creator. Such a being is what is called a Higher Self or an overself, terms present in Earthly religion and philosophy.
On the pivotal ecology topic, the book brings to us a dire warning that the very destruction of our entire planet is possible within a short period of time if we do not reduce pollutants considerably as soon as possible. We are told that terrible cataclysms would ensue, wiping out humanity in its entirety and possibly annihilating the planetary body as well, with no second chance for us and other life on Earth. A viable solution proposed by the Thiaooubans is to manufacture in industrial quantities and widely introduce a clean hydrogen engine for automobiles as soon as possible. The book's reader is assured that it is quite possible with our current level of technology, and that the use of such an engine would be more economical (cheaper) to consumers than the widespread petrol/gas ones in today's automobiles. That sole act would drastically cut harmful emissions and global warming effects, in effect likely saving our planet from destruction. The book points out that the widespread introduction and usage of such a clean motor has been significantly impeded by vested political and commercial interests that fight and suppress real progress for the vast majority of people.
There is obvious conjecture with regards to the validity of the book's contents.
If the aliens want us to believe they exist, they need to fly around cities or something- maybe come down and say hello to Obama.
I think Michel is suffering from schizophrenic delusions.
Why do all of these other people get their arses probed by aliens and divinely enlightened by such, but I've yet to be taken?
I've come across this before and have seen more outlandish so this really doesn't surprise me much at all. On a side note having read many such accounts I've come to notice just how germaphobic these ET races are vs humans sometimes amazingly so probably do to having weak or compromised immune systems.
I’ll have to fully read it myself too.
It’s an interesting way to try to convey a message that we should be concerned about those things to begin with.
Granted, people want scientific proof these days and explaining something spiritual unfortunately can’t be conveyed through science. There’s a lot of beautiful cultures out there that have spiritual ideas that have been shown to have validity. Culture is beautiful like that. I’m just not sure I would ever be able to follow something like this. Spirituality has a way of really reconnecting our beauty of being alive as an individual with society or our destiny as a whole.
What about it is alarming to you? The ideas that are important, or the possibility of what happened holding validity?
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