The scale of the universe

I seen this before, indeed it is quite amazing, it goes to show that we are just a small component of this whole system of endless possibilities. It shows the complexity and mystery of the universe which is where we live.
Thanks for sharing this! It is very humbling...also it makes you glad to be human, in that we can create untold world's within our own minds, and travel so far just by being static. Yet in this way, we should cherish the world around us. I wonder if all of the products of wild imaginations exist somewhere out there...Like Raccoon said, endless possibilities. Where would the human imagination be without a universe of such mysterious breadth?
This makes me want to get high and ponder the mysteries of the universe.

I'd never seen this before. Thank you for sharing!

[ame=""]YouTube- Galaxy Song - Monty Python - The Meaning Of Life[/ame]
Thanks May, I will be taking a look.