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Do you believe human beings are interconnected and interdependent with one another and with this planet which we occupy?
If we want to be, yes, and of course some certainly believe and feel it more than others. The ones who don't are living in their own hell on earth. :( People who are receptive have abilities to pick up on ideas or project them. I have seen that happen here a lot where people project ideas that others have been thinking about on the side and will turn and say, wow, you answered a question of mine or this was exactly something that has occurred to me lately.

Because people here are generally quite receptive and intuitive (thus INFJ, right) it is a great place to connect.

However, not everyone can understand inter-connectedness or believe it. I think it takes a lot of strong and good-willed people to slowly impact change on many levels.

My 2 cents, anyway...
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Since I'm a Psychospiritist (like Jung), I definitely believe in the Collective Unconscious. And since very nature of the Collective Unconscious is connectedness, I believe we are definitely all "connected" in some way or another...however minute that may be. I also believe in minor Collective Unconsciouss' (sp?), which can be broken down even to a two person "collective mind".

Interesting how Jung was also the creator of MBTI (basically), isn't it?
100% yes. Doesn't mean we like each other though :D
Yes! we all have the same force of life that passes thru even the trees, animals, fish, flowers and people. We are all connected to the collective and that's usually where 'coincidences' come from.. but we have the ability to live in an ego, designed by the outer world, giving the illusion that there is no single force, or God. The deeper you look into that question, a picture will emerge, that we are one with everything. We are light percieving light
I do believe we are, but until most of us (humanity) believe it, or recognize the possibility of it, or see the value of such an understanding I don't feel we will be able to actualize any of the benefits of that understanding.
I think we are all fish in the little fishbowl we call earth.