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The Atheist who Killed God - Final Crisis.


Shai Gar

I just saw batman shoot a gun, firing a bullet to puncture a heart with the intention of killing. He was successful.

Greatest Decision Ever.
Greatest Man Ever.


Self = Darkseid
Accept the Anti-Life and be Free.
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  1. Why is this in the Philosophy and Religion section?
  2. Why is there no title?
  3. What is this, anyway?
Hmm...I thought this was some sort of joke that I wasn't able to understand. Glad to know that it makes no apparent sense to others as well.
This is to do with a god. Therefore Religion.

This is too awesome to have a title.

Those who know, know.
I completely understand.

This is about God indeed. :)

Why would anyone ever doubt Batman? Seriously, he's like one of few not lame superheroes in existence...and he's BATMAN fools.
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From reading Morrison's explanation for having Batman go against his golden rule of not using a gun, I guess I can understand. Batman was born from the gun and bullet when his parents were killed and once he fights the personification of evil, Darkseid, it does make sense that is how Batman would come to an end.
You saw the last panel right?

That image of him holding a gun...
So utterly alien that, it just worked...

I've not read morrisons explaination. Where is it found?
Have you seen the final issue?

Because I recognise that bearded man.
what program would you use to open those files? my computer doesn't recognize them.