So this is what they are teaching our Children in Public Schools


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[ame=""]YouTube- Elementary School 'Scarface'[/ame]

On the same note... Why you should always check your kid's homework:


She works at Home Depot. What were you thinking?
you think that's bad, wait till you actualy see one of the classes.
I'm flabbergasted.
I didnt realise what they were saying until the girl said son of a bee LOL I have to admit that was funny
I laughed my A$$ off...But inside I knew how wrong this wrong but I couldnt look away...or stop laughing!
I'm going to make my class act out The Goat.
Yea, part of me thinks it is hilarious, part of me is saying WTF when I think about how those kids actually had to sit and watch the movie to learn the characters.
When I think of the hours spent on learning, practicing, planning, acting, directing, wardrobe, makeup, performances - and so many people thinking it's a good idea. The whole thing boggles my mind completely.
Wow, age ratings of films have gone down a lot recently O_o"

I guess the kids don't take it the same way as adults though. They aren't likely to be getting half of what's going on, but it's still not good. They should have at least got parental permission first.
It's a joke - it wasn't a real play. Although it was in pretty questionable taste, those were professional child actors and the director was a Hollywood MTV director. It wasn't real.

Interesting concept, though.
When it comes to however many people having to think of it as a good idea, all that comes to my mind, is the Wii.
Now, who let that get out?
Is that a pile of popcorn on his desk? A waterpistol toting popcorn!

Scarface....the quintessential 'American Dream' story about a poor immigrant who works his way to the top of a ruthless capitalist system

'I kill communists for fun....but for a green card...i carve them up real nice!'

Really its the perfect story to be teaching the next generation of little capitalists