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Mar 24, 2010
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I just want to be myself, to improve myself all th

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Jul 25, 2010
    1. Chessie
      Mew...I loved your profile! All those different ways of aquiring knowledge about the cosmos. I never get tired of learning about the world. The internet is home.
    2. Gaze
      So jealous of your avatar. It rocks . . . :)
    3. Questingpoet
      Hey, I haven't forgotten about you. I'll read that soon and let you know. :)
    4. Questingpoet
      Ok, I will do that. I don't have time to give it my undivided attention, but I will read it in the next day and let you know what I think. :)
    5. Entyqua
    6. Entyqua
      Lets be friends! :D
    7. rawr
      haha, ok :)
    8. rawr
      yes, you did :)
      and no, worries, i didn't want to make you uncomfortable, but i wanted to be sure you knew, just in case :)
    9. rawr
      haha, yep. and just want to kindly point out (I *still* do the same thing): if you want to reply to comments so it shows on others' page, not yours, you can click, "view conversation" and type it in that box. just so you know =)
    10. LadyINFJ
      I am fine, thank you :) I am glad to hear that somebody else sees himself/herself in the description ;)
    11. rawr
      wow, i see alot of myself in your "about me" description :). how are you?
    12. LadyINFJ
      I've been living there but not anymore :) Strange, I wouldn't say my English is my strongest, but I guess it is good enough :)
    13. The Jester
      The Jester
      You're from the UK. Your english is way too good for being a non-UK member.


    14. LadyINFJ
      I hope so :) So far it seems quite good :)
    15. The Jester
      The Jester
      Finally someone who's responsive to my sexual innuendos!
      You will have a great time here..
    16. LadyINFJ
      Sure :) You are more than welcome.
    17. The Jester
      The Jester
      Hello there, may I post the very first message on your visitor page?
      I like to take the innocence and purity of new members away.
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    I just want to be myself, to improve myself all th
    Quite extraordinary actually. School, university, work and family - yeah, nothing new here. In addition I had some really hard times in my life but I am glad for this. Otherwise I wouldn't know the things I know and I wouldn't be the wonderful person I am.
    In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?:
    1. Myself the way I am.
    2. My sense of justice.
    3. My significant ones.
    4. My need to fix and "fix" things.
    5. My watch.
    6. Bookstores.
    True INFJ type. I just read myself in the description. In addition I am quite honest and I can not tolerate or stand injustice, crime and lack of moral. I prefer to work alone and I wish I could make the world a better place - a fair and lovely one. I love studying foreign languages, including ancient ones like latin and greek. I am always eager to learn new things, teach others new things and improve myself and the people around me. I like things to be done fast and in the best possible way. Actually, I can talk about me all day long but I guess you'd be bored fast. Yeah, some say I am boring but this is usually people who just can not understand the INFJs.

    Various things come here. I am interested in people, understanding them and predicting their actions, how they develop relationships, how they solve problems. So psychology, social sciences and so on. I am interested in foreign languages as I already mentioned. I am always trying to fix things - not only changing light bulbs but also "fixing" things - making them right and OK. "Fixing" people sometimes, too. Natural born therapist? In addition I am interested in various forms of aquiring knowledge about life, world, universe and everything. I guess this is all I would like to say for now.