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Sinful Justification at Last!


Jul 27, 2008

Thanks to this very enlightening article I now have ample medical reason why I need to indulge in some raw chocolate whenever I want!

Who doesn't need the extra boost of anti-oxidants with all the nasty stuff we breathe, drink and are exposed to!

Not only that, but I complain as well as the spouse that my melancholic turns are a bummer for all.

Now anytime I feel down in the dumpers I should just start munching on some cacao!

Whoopie for Chocolate!
Om nom nom! :D
:m204::m204::m204::m204: Sweet delicous cubical friend. :m085:

I'm coming for you!

I always thought that something that tasted so good had to be good for you lol
You can eat raw chocolate? Where would you even get it, and would it taste good?
Raw chocolate? I didn't know there was such a thing.
I want to try!
Alcyone, Can you whip us up a raw deal a la recipe?
Probably...lemme find the stuff somewhere and start experimenting.

I've got a raw chocolate sauce in mind for chicken. I don't want the sweetened chocolate, but baker's chocolate was way too bitter for what I had in mind.

Wonder how Shrimp and chocolate would work......Hmmmmmm.....I will give it much thought, and then give it a shot in the kitchen. Anything that works out I will post in my blog!
You may come up with a best seller!