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Jul 11, 2008
Anybody likes running? It has kept me sane for so long(some may argue to the contary!) and whilst being no great athlete,I still love it.People that don't excerise should be stoned imo..(Ssshhhhh.....hopefully none of them will venture into this section,lol..). Seriously though people lead happier healthy lives when they have regular excerise structure in their lives and are less likely to abuse alcohel,food and narcotices and don't become dependent on the healthy ones that actually work at their lives. Lazy f******s!

I don't exercise. Well... I do exercise, but extremely irregularly because i get bored when i start and do something else. However i'm all for getting stoned
Running for the sake of it seems boring, I like to have a purpose for exercise.
haha I think Ps in general are adverse to exercise routines... or any routines, for that matter. I go through cycles of exercise and not, weeks or a month or two of running every day, then 4 or 5 of not at all. Living in such a cold area doesn't help either in the winter. Running in particular is amazing though... it's a guaranteed chance to be alone with your thoughts.
Stone said:
Running for the sake of it seems boring, I like to have a purpose for exercise.

I agree. Since arriving down here I haven't excercised at all, except for a few laps in our pool. Before moving I lived on the beach and I would ride my bike everywhere, I was in better shape than I had been in years and I loved it. But there was a purpose to it - like getting to work, or going shopping and even just enjoying the night air. Jax and I would go ride along the boardwalk then stop and enjoy the view of the night ocean.
I ran like the wind today.I run a lot better on a treadmill at the gym because when I'm just out running along a quiet riverbank or a field,I don't push myself(at all!) but I 've been training every day now for a couple of months and today I so got into the zone.I was just a Whooshhhh.............I left that baybee smokin..... :D
I feel that running, like brushing your teeth and peeing, is a necessary evil. Without it you become an unhealthy blob, with it you have pain, stress, and the embarrassment of knowing that in a culture that defines beauty as people with half your body weight and no T and A you are flopping along to them like bounding water balloon.
Like I said: necessary evil.
I love running, I try to get a minimum of 9 miles a week. I just put on my tunes and just jog away. Its not much but I tend to get cranky, anxious as well as isomoniatic..(word?) with restless legs if I don't. I really notice around this time of year...when it is harder to fit it into a schedule that revolves around socializing and eating, not only am I stressed because of family and food, but also lack of tension release.
I'd even go as far to publicly say that once you really start running, there is nothing like that weird orgasim you get after a serious endorphine rush that sends you running off the treadmill into the ladies room to change your pants.
I always suggest running...or walking if your legs can't deal. It is sometimes a better way to meditate too.
BJJ is my athletic endeavour of choice. But I do enjoy running also, as long as I'm not doing anything too crazy. Usually the first ten minutes I hate everyone and everything, but after that it's nice, almost relaxing sometimes.
I don't know what to say, that was so beautiful and inspiring. Love really is the answer.
Thanks for posting that Marty.
hmmm runnning eh, perhaps this is something i should get into.
I can't run. I've tried a few times, but it always feels like my uterus is going to fall out. A brisk walk is the best I can manage.
I took a seven week running class this Fall and I enjoyed it, especially since all the women in the class were around my age or older and none of us were particularly athletic. :D I was slow, but by the end of the class I shaved two minutes off my mile! Not sure if I'll continue, but I want to power walk. I may do that instead.

BTW, that story was incredibly moving. I remember seeing a story on that father/son team a few years back, and I teared up the same way I did today. I found information on their history together, and it's even more moving: