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Religious Visions

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Feb 8, 2009
While I would tend to be shy regarding things shown to me over the past thirty years, I would hope most could understand that. Should anyone care to share if they have ever witnessed or been shown what they felt was a religious vision? The vision does not have to be shared; just whether you have been the recipient of a vision.
I have been shown vision. Anyone else?
I've had two religious visions when I was much younger.

The first was seeing a great stone and crystal city bathed in golden light that rose to a tower too bright to look at. (I was about 6 years old in church at the time)

The second was seeing something standing over me with me floating a few feet over the couch I was sleeping in with a demon sucking out my soul. (I was about 18)
When I was a young child, after I had first taken communion, I had a dream/vision where I was standing in hell. Needless to say, it was not a pleasant experience. The next day I woke up and drew it and the next Sunday I presented it to the pastor. It was actually one of many things that began to lead me to feel that the religion of Christianity was corrupt and irreparable. After that it was like I could actually feel the presence of hell within people. And I noticed that some people caused other people to be in this hell. Fortunately, I was also left with a feeling of connection, as if there was always this presence of love and protection in the air. Even to this day these two feelings follow me everywhere. I am filled with such rage by those who invoke hell in their fellow man and whenever I feel helpless I can turn to that presence of protection and gain wisdom and hope. They certainly have a religious/spiritual connotation to them, but they seem completely natural to me.
While I was praying yesterday with eyes closed in a small church before church, I saw a red rosebud in four different scenes. It had been picked and was horizontal in all four instances, never vertical as a rose usually is.
There were two small extensions with small leaves, one on either side, of the small stem. I cannot say whether there were thorns or not, as I did not pay attention to that. After reading about it, maybe I should have tried to notice. I stayed focused in my prayer, not stopping. After the fourth, there was no more vision. Some may say rem when this happens with eyes closed. Sometimes it may well be that. I shall possibly share others as I feel compelled to do so.
edit to say "I saw" may well be "was shown". I question whether we see vision or are shown vision, leaning more to the latter of the two.
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I don't think I ever had a vison in that sense but sometimes I think I can see fate in the works, little things that most pass for cowincedence means alot to me... I see that alot.
I don't think I ever had a vison in that sense but sometimes I think I can see fate in the works, little things that most pass for cowincedence means alot to me... I see that alot.

A few years ago I was standing in the crowded foyer of a church waiting for my kids to come out of the Sunday school class. Other members of my family were standing around too and we were all casually chatting.
I glanced across the room and my eyes zeroed in on a woman. She was standing in a circle of people like I was. Suddenly she started shaking and trembling and then fell to her knees weeping. I didn't move but was totally transfixed on her. Her heart was breaking and her spirit was desperate. She covered her face and was rocking back and forth as she grieved.
Like a slap in the face I was jolted back when my kids came running up.
I quickly greeted them and then turned back to the woman.
She was standing in her group looking absolutely normal.
I think I was given a vision of a very, very deep part of her. I got the feeling I got a glimpse of what God sees.
I never went back to that church and never saw the woman again.
I was confused at first wondering why I'd see something like that even though I was unable to help her. I realized later that the vision was strictly to help and teach me. It helped a lot.
I was shown a sword in the vertical position unsheathed in black and white shades. The sword was by itself. It moved into the horizontal position slowly
and precisely from 12 oclock to nine oclock. After it stopped the transition of moving, golden garland(best I can describe it)slowly started coming from the handle and encircling the sword. After it had encircled the entire sword, the garland disappeared or became as pure gold. The sword became a pure, shiney, perfectly and beautifully shining golden sword. It was there for a moment then gone.
Researching I have yet to find the sword I thought was there, but the handguard and shape most closely resembled that of the US Marine sword. I did not notice any engraving at first sight before the golden garland started encircling it, and there was no engraving when it was finished to be seen I did notice because of its pure and shiney surface.
My Uncle died a while after that. I witnessed my first Honor Guard at his wonderful funeral. I do not know if there was a connection other than the timing being so close. He was a Marine.
I saw the golden garland at work again months later, but will save that one for another visit.
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I haven't had any visions as in suddenly going from a normal wakeful state to something else entirely, but I have had dreams with a recurring symbol: tornadoes. In the dream they've never been a negative idea. Everyone else around me is freaking out, but I want the tornado. It's always precluded by pictures and associations of normal tornadoes (bunch of wind, destruction...) but the image itself is always completely different. It's like the power of a tornado made solid, and its dripping/flowing/growing down, kind of like an icicle. I can feel the sheer power in it, and always long to reach out and let it grow into me, but I've never been given that opportunity. the first time, I woke up with it 6 inches (13cm) away from my hand, the second time, it had barely touched my foot (I don't understand why, but in the dream I was inside being forced [<- very specific word choice] to get under protection, and it was my foot that was facing the tornado) I felt what was like a slight pinch in my foot, and I woke up. I still long for a dream where I actually get to touch the tornado and let it do its thing to me.

As you can see I have a very strong affinity with the element Air, these dreams, my magickal name (wind of the night), my very disposition. I really want to find out what happens with this tornado.
Would this be about a power greater than yourself or being a part of a power greater than yourself?
huh? if your asking about the relation between me and the power in that tornado, I have no idea. I haven't been able to make anything of this. I've tried meditation, tarot, pendulum divination, oclumancy (I haven't tried astrology, and I couldn't give you a date for these dreams. if I have one again, I'll make sure to record a chart.)
I asked because the image you described seemed to me to be a tangible source of power.
what? a little more in depth explanation would be nice. in the dream, yes it's very tangible, but irl, I'd more think of it as an icon for a spiritual force out there, not anything corporal.
I didn't want ot imply anything into your dream, so I only mentioned what came to mind while reading.

I mean tangible in the sense of existing in some way, not necessarily solid form, yet you described it as "It's like the power of a tornado made solid, and its dripping/flowing/growing down, kind of like an icicle.", so I visualised this as being fluid, more like a waterspout.
As well, you wished to be a part of it, letting it "grow into" you, so I wondered if this was an external force or your own internal self-power which you wanted to be a part of you.
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oh, got 'ya (btw, imply or add into the dream as much as you like, if I don't like your insight, I'd just ignore it). either way, I have no idea what it is if its internal or external, and have yet come across something that would tell me.
Last and only other time of the golden garland started with vision of a small pile or mound of smooth stones in black and white and variations of greys. They were above eye level to me from my sight, though there was nobody seen, not even myself. It was as if I was looking up just a wee bit to see them. Out of the smoothed stones was a cross, but the cross had more straight sides and corners as if made from square upright and rectangular crosspiece. I looked up at the cross to see what it was and was drawn back down to the stones. This same golden garland I had seen weeks or months earlier came from out of the stones(there was no hill or level ground to be seen on either side of the mound) and slowly started encircling the cross from the bottom upwards. When it got to the actual cross the garland went in three directions; left, right, and upwards, to finish encircling the cross in unison. Same as the sword, the garland was no more, but the cross was shining in a golden shiney appearance; smoothed surfaces. It went away or was taken from my sight. I have only seen this golden garland these two times as of now and do not know or anticipate seeing it again.
Nothing I noticed, like my uncle's funeral, happened afterwards.
I experienced a bright golden light above me in the middle of the night. I remember 4 entities being represented in the light. There was also a table with jewels and a crown. I remember being strongly impressed that I could choose to leave my earthly life and join 'them'.

I wish I could remember more. This was over 20 years ago...I was 5 or 6 when it happened.

For years I yearned and prayed for another vision, something to make sense of it, to make it more real to me.

I don't know what to make of it. Did I create the vision?
I didn't have a vision but I had a strong sense of God's presence.

It was at a religious retreat... and I felt it when we were sharing our deepest (and saddest) stories.

I don't think it counts. Oh well.
I have never had spiritual visions. However, I have had moments when I knew that something spiritual was at work; I have felt the presence of one of my grandmothers before (she passed away years ago). I have also had times where I have felt an older version of myself has inhabited my body for a short period of time. I have also had moments when I felt something needed to be communicated to me: I listened.