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Personality Dating Site.

Yep... Kinda. It's been backlogged.

Working on a project by myself takes a hell of a long time, a community driven project is a hell of a lot easier for me. It's the E part of my ENTP.
Damn it, thats the one I was really looking forward to. The scope and concept intrigued me. Plus it would have been easier than scraping together all the information on my own.

Ah well.

Although I do have to say you do make a good catalyst.
I know :D. I'm able to create ideas that are brilliant, but without a good team there, they remain "Just Ideas".
So you have to build a team to fill in those details. Good thing you're good at attracting them as well.

Who you got on board for the online dating service?
Lykos. Hopefully Satya.

I'm hoping to attract a few programmers, a webdesigner and a graphic designer.
I remember seeing at least one other MBTI dating site out there, but I think you need to distinguish yourself from that one (and I think you're already doing that here). I'd say it might help if you also give a list of the possible compatible partners...not that it's 100% correct, but there ya go.

People are also looking for sane folks. Not to say that all of us here aren't sane, know what I mean.

Make sure you get all your disclaimers in a row in case someone goes ape-spit on someone.

Wow. I'm a barrel of laughs this morning...:m194:

The ZSS is a fun idea, but who do you want to attract to your site? Serious people may not go for the Zombie score.

That's all I can think of for now.........
Intuitives mostly. Sensaids fill the other dating websites, and generally create crap profiles. If they can't laugh at themselves and have a little fun, they're not the type I want on the site.
Makes sense! :) Poor Quinlan...left out of the inner tomb!
heart o mind or heart to mind? might wanna get an extra t in there to avoid confusion.
it is an internet domain convention to cut out the letter of the proceeing word if the preceding word ends on it
I really like this idea alot. Sounds like it could be highly sucessful.

The only two issues (well, there not really issues) is that Ennangram and MBTI don't always line up, and could cause a little too much vareity in compatabillity. This could be avoided though if you put a descripton of each, and how they differ.

As far as colors, you should stick to lighter colors. I am a personal fan of dark colors, but on a dataing website that just seems kind of odd, and not as inviting. Of course, it doesn't have to be flowery.
What is the server's current OS/software/bandwidth/space?
We'll find a server that meets our requirements, so there are no limits at the current stage.
Basic Background Idea

Basic Profile Idea

I am going to bed, if you've got questions about my design ideas, which you should have... ask away and I'll answer when I wake up.