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Out of sight, out of mind?


Oct 27, 2009
plenty of people are poor in this world, plenty of people are starving, hungry, sad, alone. animals die neglected and abused all the time. murder, violence, and random chaotic destruction are practically a staple of our modern, industrial, financial-centric world. not a day goes by when someone is not suffering, somewhere, horribly. we know this, we acknowledge it at least somewhere in the back of our minds, but do we really GET it? is it real for us, if we never directly confront it? it's easy to ignore a crying child if you are deaf, and can't hear their cries. are we "deafened" by distance?

a more fundamental question i was wondering is, does anything exist *to you* that you are not paying attention to? is it real *to you* if it's not entering your senses in some tangible way - or if it has never done so in the past and will never do so in the future? if there are only subjective viewpoints and no overall objective TRUTH, then who's to say in your world at least, there is no poverty; if you're a person who has never heard of it, never experienced it, and never will, then IS IT REAL?
I read a story once of a man who grew up in a very small tribe in the forests of south america, and had never seen a person at a distance before. the first time he saw one, he thought they were an insect, that was growing bigger and bigger as they approached. he was scared, he didn't know what this "monster" was. when he realized it was another person, he was amazed.
we see people at a distance all the time, especially those of us who live in cities, yet we don't experience this sense of amazement when a person from afar becomes a person near. why? because we've always known it, we've seen such things from an early age and have internalized it as a part of the world and of an acceptable part of our environment. a person who has never seen poverty before, might not be so complacent. he too, might feel wonderment, that something like that can exist.

i'm not sure where i'm going with all this. but i hope it sort of makes sense! :m107:
Over the years it has continued to boggle my mind how much I have gained in life simply by altered perception and awareness....seeing. In these circumstances, nothing may change in the physical realm, but everything changes in the world of understanding. In relation to poverty (of all kinds, and there are many) I guess the more I understood the details of a person and their life, the more I have to see each person, whoever they may be, as unique....rich, poor, whatever. I have seen great nobility among the poor as well as the opposite....and I have seen the same among the rich, too. It sorta dissolves one's instinct to stereotype, although such things may serve some limited purpose on some level. To the degree one can enter into and understand another's life experience, yes, I think it does help one project this sense out into the world so that other circumstances in other places have a special poignancy....they feel much differently. The weight of it will break your heart, I must say, but that is merely a right of passage (rather than something to fear) as there is more to discover on the other side.
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I don't have the maturity to face the parts of the world that don't reach out to me. Not yet. Maybe later.

Until then they won't seem real to me because I will have neither experience nor understanding.
I think this is a little bit reality perception, and a little bit out of sight out of mind.

somewhere in the back our our minds we know it, but we dont see it...therefore our perception of reality is what we see.

If I lived elsewhere, I would see it, I would know it i would live it...and I would act.

My mind is constantly awry with guilt that I cant do more...but its difficult to perceive the answers, when the reality is too far away...

I hope this makes sense...
May, personally, I believe that what you have fundamentally described the evil of humanity, at least the way I perceive it. At my more spiritual levels where I keep things to myself, I personally believe that we are on Earth because of this failing, and that we don't leave until we come to some kind of enlightenment about it. But that's just me and its purely personal. On that note, I'm lost and no where near any awakening.