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Optimist or Pessimist?

What's your outlook on life?

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Right the First Time!
Jun 12, 2008
I'm an optimist mostly, usually I expect things to turn out for the better, the only thing I feel pessimistic about these days are my own fortunes as I have a lot of self doubt at the moment. Aside from that I think pretty much everything will work out in the end.
I like to believe I'm a realist.
I chose neither because I'm right on the line presently. Living life as a pessimist is no good for long because you end up in pity party territory and then people just call you a whiner! It's a much happier life to be optimistic.
I don’t think you can have these kind of discussions without a debate about realism cropping up :D

Anyhoo, I’m an unashamed optimist.
's so impossible for me to answer... optimist in individual relationships, pessimist in group ones. Optimist in the present, but pessimist about the future. Optimist about the truth, pessimist about people's ability/will to find it. Optimist about the world, pessimist about civilization.

...I guess that puts me close to a neither... but I can't imagine I have no bias... so I'll go with an "I don't know."
I answered neither. I'm very optimistic when it comes to my career and relationships, but in the broader scale of things I'm more pessimistic - or rather, scared. I see many things as absurd and that doesn't help.
Shaz- said:
I answered neither. I'm very optimistic when it comes to my career and relationships, but in the broader scale of things I'm more pessimistic - or rather, scared. I see many things as absurd and that doesn't help.

Yes the absurdness of things makes me neither an optimist or pessimist - it just makes me baffled. If you say to someone, "Life is absurd" they will tell you that you're a pessimist. Maybe our problem is that we see the absurdness of things while others do not.
I'd also like to think I'm a realist . . . but happen to know that I'm a pessimist. Realism is merely a red herring . . . er, delusion . . .er, red herring . . . ;)

I think I've seen "Clue" one time too many.
from the intj forum :
Shaz said:
Tuesday said:
I can't speak for everyone but one of my biggest frustrations is the difference between the two. I possess an idealistic view with pessimistic realism. It's a bit schizophrenic at times. But I think in the end they balance each other out, most of the time.
I'm very happy to read this from someone else. Thank you!! It is a big problem for me too, because I can't help my longing for a peaceful, fair, etc, world, where people would actually listen to each other and [insert any kind of idealistic dream here]

Yet I cannot help but see how things are in reality (well, it's all subjective but you know what I mean). Especially since I've learnt about personality types, actually. I have so many NF friends (INFPs for most of them, and a couple of ENFJ) who see things in a simplistic manner, not understanding why people can't be as loving and selfless as they are. I know people can't help being what they are. How can you ask an ESTJ to become an NF?

I get very, very frustrated by it. I haven't found a solution to the problem yet. I still believe it is possible to change some things, even though it is not easy... And it's true being realistic is necessary if you really want to be able to make things evolve and change. It is just more difficult to live with because sometimes very depressing.
I am definately an optimist :mrgreen: , but unfortunately a bit of realism does sneak in once in a while ... :(
Hmmmm.....This is a tough one to answer cause in reality I am both.

I hope for the best. But prepare for and expect the absolute worst. And since things are always better than I expected, I am never really disappointed by my expectations.
I find it easier to be optimistic for other people.

I try not to expect too much from life.
Damn, something’s seriously wrong with the polls that were transferred, it's saying I'm 'Pessimistic' I'm not, nope, never :dance: w00t :dance:
I've noticed the same thing with other polls, I'm wondering if it can be fixed...
Fug it then. I don't keep these things on a pad next to my moniter or anything like that.
yeah yeah...
I tend to be optimistic when around others because I don't like to depress people. But I am very pessimistic. One of my professors recently said so in fact.
I'm totally an optimist. It just seems like the more reasonable way to look at the world. Pessimism just doesn't seem to add as much as optimism.