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New Recording.


Jun 27, 2009
Unfinished demo-quality recording.
Guitar, this time, rather than synth.
Most of what you hear in this recording is a placeholder, specifically the drums.

Will post updates later.
Vocals and lead to come, as well as rewritten drum parts, rather than just the placeholder beat.

Feedback appreciated.
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Perfect! It actually sounds much better than most pieces I've heard with electric guitar. The trick at 5:13 works very well. Quality is high, only some tracks need variety. Before all, percussion, as you noted, there are key moments that need emphasis. Second, the supporting guitar harmony also has good ways to get enriched, if you are interested to spend that much time on improvements. Overall, great! Good luck with further work.
I'm working on downloading this, but for some reason my internet is being shit tonight.
Now that's a pretty bad ass recording if I've ever heard one. I'm impressed by the quality of it.

Are both guitar tracks you?
And they both badly need to be rerecorded.
Neither are very on tempo.

As the drum patterns get written, I'm going to tailor the palm muting to the double bass, so it sounds thicker and more "metaly".

The lead will add some needed color.
And the vocals will tie things together nicely.

I neither play lead nor sing, fortunately I have Jake and Patrick for that, respectively.

Thanks for the feedback.
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I think the clean guitar sounds pretty damn good. It's got the right mix of reverb. When the distorted guitar came in the first time the tempo was a little off, but you corrected it rather quickly. (keep in mind this is all me being really nit picky). The only other critical thing about it I could really say is watch the gain on the distorted/palm-muted guitar. Personally, I found it a little rough around the edges compared to the clean reverb of the guitar and placeholder drums.

What multitrack software are you using? Maybe a tiny bit of reverb and a touch of chorus would make the sound of the distorted guitar blend with the clean and drums. Of course, that's just a suggestion and by no means am I saying it needs to be done. I think it sounds pretty awesome as it is. Just a thought if you're trying to mix them down together, but then again if you're re-recording it, it might sound completely different the second time around.
I use Sonar 8 PE.
All the guitar effects/tone you hear in this recording are from a piece of software called Guitar Rig.
The drums are a VST plugin called Drumkit from Hell.
I made extensive use of BBE Sonic Maximizer for the Drums and guitar, might also use it on the vocals.
I've worked with Guitar Rig before, it's pretty legit. I had a beta version of Sonar 8 producer or something, but it was too much of a hog on my system. I've been looking for a good drum kit though, would you recommend drumkit from hell?
I'm pretty happy with it, and it seems to have pretty wide acclaim.
It's usefulness is maximized if you are familiar with MIDI sequencing.
The drummer from Meshuggah was involved in it's creation, I believe they sampled his kit(s) for it, and it was used for a Meshuggah album.
Devin Townsend used it in "Ziltoid the Omniscient".
An update:

Still no vocals or lead.
Vocals may come tomorrow, lead might be a week or more.
A bass track has been added.

I started from scratch with the guitars, and raised the tempo 15bpm, which I feel has improved the feel of the song enormously.

The drums have also been replaced with something marginally less static, but they're still far from their ideal final form.

Most of the guitar parts will probably get recorded again at least one more time.
The two halves of the song a mirror, ATM. Need to extend the second bridge, and add a break for the solo.

Posted it on YouTube this time, since I had complaints about the download process.

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More new drums, chorus totally redone.
Probably going to redo the chorus and chorus-transition parts, then extend the second chorus tomorrow.

I was listening to the tracks that you posted on youtube and the one that I downloaded.

The timing is a lot better in the youtube vids.
The drumtrack though sounds a bit on the flat side, could do with more bass.

Sounds pretty good so far.
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Lead tracks now added.
Vocals STILL to come.

I bet your dumb friend is the one on the vocals, huh.

Man that must have pissed you off.
Rough demo of the vocal tracks done.

New vocalist, some minor changes to the instruments.
[ame=""]YouTube- Demo Recording #5, New Vocals[/ame]
Some tweaks, fixes, and additions.
[ame=""]YouTube- Demo Recording #6[/ame]