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Listening to Intuition vs. External stimuli


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Mar 18, 2009
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Of course, as INFJs our internal intuition is developed on a very high level. But I am having hard time deciphering the external noise I get from the outside world, i.e work, relationships, friends and my true intuition that I believe will guide me through my life. Sometimes I get confused with the signals i receive from both fronts. So I have few questions for my fellow infjs:

1. Can you tell the difference between your intuition speaking at all times versus your conscious mind telling you what you should do at any given situation...

2. Does what you get from the environment always coincide with your gut intuition. If they don't; which one do you believe first?

3. Do you decide to not listen to your gut intuition at times because your mind wants something...i,e. date a person for the wrong reason, or be part of a group you don't really understand just for the social interaction...?

If any of this is not clear, just state so and hopefully I can clarify...:m075:
1. I can most of the time, but not always. I sort of know, when I don't think about it. However, when I try to sort out in my head if it is my intuition telling me something, or if it is my conscience mind telling me in a logical way, I can't tell. It will actually drive me nuts after a bit really.

2. When I reason with things I couple the environment around me with my intutition. I.E. I will use my intuition to read something, then later use my external environment to verify these feelings or ideas. I will much sooner rely on my intution before my environment.

3. Oh of course, I would imagine alot of INFJ's will go against there intuition because they greatly want something. Actually, any type will do that. At least for me, I fall under a great deal of stress if I violate my inututive instincts when it comes to making decisions. If I know doing something will be wrong, or just some kind of major mistake, but do it anyway. I will over think it, and greatly regret it later on. Because I knew I should have listened, but watches myself go the wrong way regardless because I wanted something instead. I am learning that I really can't violate my intution at all.
1. I think so, often I can spot my intuition because it is very strongly loaded. My conscious mind is less loaded so to say and often spots and clarifies things that go against my intuition, logically. Although sometimes it is hard to tell because they contradict like, similar to an inner dialogue so it will be hard to tell them apart. Either way it makes me very ambivalent and often indecisive.

2. As Indigo said I will use my environment to verify my intuition although sometimes there is absolutely no support to my intuition at all but still I feel the way I do, which is when it is irrational that is.

3. I take on a fight against my intuition when it is irrational :)
Hmm---yeah, this is quite an issue for me too. But because we're gifted with intuition, I trust my intuition more than anything. What's weird is that I try to reason with my intuition---I think about the issue and then make sense of it, give solid reasoning behind it.

In the end, although i'm an F, and I feel things pulling at my heartsrings, I force myself to stop and think first. When things make sense and seem "right", I choose. I guess you can say i'm a pretty balanced INFJ, but i've had trouble with this...

I am especially torn between following my heart, or following my mind. :(