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Kindle new book reading tool.

Perhaps I'll get this this year
I have been spending all of my time reading e-books lately

I like the non-reflective screen and lighting. I hope it doesn't have a fan
Weird it doesn't say if it's 8 GB or what, exact size it can store...

Thanks Roger
I get that it would be tremendously handy and convenient but... if the world ever does end up replacing books near entirely in favour of these types of devices I will die inside.

I likes my mountain o' books.
I prefer my mountain of books too. What do you do if the batteries run out, and there's a cyclone? You're stranded and your kindle won't turn on...

As much as I would like for charming and vintage (books, vintage...scary thought) things to stay, it would be pointless to try to stop inevitable technological "advances" such as this.
I guess it would be cool to get one, but i agree with those who say, even if i don't read them, i like seeing mountains of books, it makes me feel more inspired to be around them, to see heaps of knowledge scattered all over the place.
There's something about having a fully stocked bookshelf full of your favorite dog-eared classics, and there's something about going into a library or used bookstore where you can adopt a book, or find a book to adopt you.

Kindles and other brands like it (there's more than one e-book reader now) are okay, but they're not my thing. If I can't sit in silence and hear the rustle of pages in tandem to the sound of a loud ticking clock, then I can't get into the "moment" of the book - and it's not "real" reading to me.

Besides, a Kindle is black and white. What would I do with my graphic novel collection?!:m129:
I will never buy, or indeed, even use one of those, if I can avoid it. Reading from a screen is just evil. Now, I am not usually a conservative person, not in the slightest. But I love my books: the way they feel and the way they smell. Also, bookshelves are too cool to be replaced by that thing. the I dont think i will ever buy it...however...Kindle for Iphone is an excellent app...first of all its free...second of can get loads of free books...I too love to have a pile of to smell them...I love to spend HOURS in a book store...

but I also love it when I can get the complete works of HP lovecraft for 99 cents! just sayin...
Extensive reading off an electronic screen is tiring on these 48 year old eyes.
I often will pull something up on a computer, then print it out to read.
For some of us there is no substitute for the written word on a paper substrate. The feel, the smell of the ink, and perhaps musty smell from an older book. The sound of the binding cracking when opened new.

I read a newspaper everyday. I wouldn't dream of trying to read it online.
It just is not the same.
For me that is.

Have one and LOVE IT! It was a gift. I had been one to swear I'd never use such a device. To disspell a few misconceptions: As for the battery issue, it can go two weeks without being recharged. As for the screen issue, it's not a computer screen. Doesn't resemble it at all. It's called e-ink, very easy on the eyes, actually more-so than print, and you can adjust the font size.

Still love my print books, but I see a bright future for these things co-existing, and because of cost and delivery I always see if a book is available in electronic format first.