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Is it just plain, cold coincidence ?


Mar 22, 2009
This isn't about philosophy or religion per se, but I couldn't find a subsection where it would fit.

You see, I sometimes have these moments which are a break from and the opposites of my usual pessimistic outlook.

For example, for the past few weeks, I've been longing to just run into someone who I would be able to relate to. I grew up in a village in a rain forest, and not too many people could relate to that. Yesterday, I was supposed to go to the dentist. But I was late for the bus, and I also missed the stop (I've never been to that place before).

When I reached there, I met a young woman in the waiting room. She just walked up to me and a conversation opened up, and for once, it just flowed! I didn't feel the usual akwardness, my intuition (or spidey sense) didn't send off any warning signals. We just talked as easy as pie and as the conversation went on, I learned that she grew up in the same country and also had relatives who lived in rainforest villages. In other words, I finally found someone with whom I could relate , and it turned out to be on more levels than one. The similarities just kept piling up.

Now, a few things:

1. This is the very FIRST time I ran into someone who could relate to me on so many levels, and I've been here for almost a decade.

2. If I wasn't late and if I didn't miss my stop, the person would have left already.

3. The last few weeks, I had a reached the plateau/ peak/ summit in my yearning for someone to whom I could talk about those things.


I am wondering if 1 came about only because of 3.

Maybe the only reason why I found the person is because I was actively looking for that more than at any other point in my life. Sometimes, you only find soemthing, if you are looking out for it (as obvious as that sounds) and if all your exertions are in synchronization with the object of your desire.


Because of the intensity of 3, I was somehow steered towards that person by some... I'll just say "benevolent energy." This caused 2. It also caused the person to look straight at me and walk up to me and strike up the conversation.


plain old coincidence, and 2 was pure accident. and 1 only seems amazing because of the tunnel vision produced by 3.

Consider that this is the first time in a decade, I have run into someone like that, and that I was at a point of despair as indicated by 3.

(I hope I didn't confuse anyone with those numbers. I couldn't think of a better system at the time :p)
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I liked reading this.

I think maybe ur subconscious and hear subconscious were looking for each other!

i mean...i think theres something else there but...idk.

just think its like..yes its a purposeful(almost) concincendence( i hate spelling that word!):m133:

but ii am a truly greatful to hear that u found someone you so apparently desired to find.

to be honest...i think i am approaching the same type of.....coincedence(who the makes these big words!):m140:lol

as u see...i am in deep search too for something. more than one thing to be excact...and im not joking when i say i feel them coming. almost creeping up on me. like i told nature straight up what i wanted..and now its going to give it to me. and now i feel scared bcuz i dont know if im ready. for instance....if u almost felt day by day that you were going to meet someone like you and get along so well...wouldnt u be scared? like if something you ve desired so bad for a longgggggg ass time is coming...wouldnt you be scared?

I am...:m197:
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That doesn't sound like coincidence at all. Some things happen that are just... supposed to happen. If that makes sense. :)
call it Destiny or whatever, but that's too.. conveniently perfect to be a coincidence. i'm happy for you :)
Yay for you! That's an awesome story. You grew up in a rainforest? How cool is that! :)
mabe its fate
mabe God intervined

good for you man!
I feel like a jerk for reading this and going "nope, just coincidence dude" in my head. :(
Well, you better have gotten her number and asked her out to coffee or something is all I will say.