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Oct 7, 2009
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hey guys, how important is your integrity to you?
Personlay it matters a great deal to me.
*looks up definition of integrity*

If you have integrity, you are honest and firm in your moral principles.

This raises the question of what my moral principles are. I suppose I have some integrity for some and less for others, depending upon the specific moral principle, assuming the principles I have may be accurately described as moral principles.
Overall I always have a bit more respect for people who have high integrity even if I don’t agree with their morals or standards. There’s something about a person who doesn’t stand for anything that I find unbecoming.
I generally have a love-hate relationship with integrity.

I guess it's my P side kicking; sometimes I get so riled up seeing people that's SO FIXED IN their opinions, even when theirs are in synch with mine. It's like, "there's so much out there. You --or me-- might be wrong!"

On the other hand, I also value integrity, and I value people with no integrity less than those who have.

Part of both, when I think about it, is related to my own feelings, after all; I want to be resolute, but I just.... no, it's hard to be that. To take up on my own value and hold it at any cost. I -do- am an opportunist, and I hate it.

Granted, the amount of irritation I get with someone showing their integrity directly correlated with the amount of arrogance being shown. (a.k.a, pride, or being tactless)


on the other hand, I value rejection more than refusal. And I accept the former more than the latter.
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I love this word *integrity*.

I think, this words says about how much you are willing to do anything. Openness of heart and yes, it is hard to maintain. It is important of part any relationship or any work.
Yes, Integrity is highly important to me. I wish there were more people out there that had it.
hey guys, how important is your integrity to you?
Personlay it matters a great deal to me.

your question is too vague to answer properly, but in general, yes integrity is very important to me. i also respect people with high integrity, even when i don't agree with their opinions.
I think it is way more important than spelling.
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Integrity seems kind of silly. I suppose it is good for things that you absolutely know are true and right, but I think everyone has their exceptions, whether they know it or not.

An example would be a person who says it is wrong to kill under any circumstance but then gets a hold on their mothers murderer and decides that they have a new moral: that it is ok to kill murderers. I mean sure they could still have integrity, but only cause they changed the parameters of their moral.

hmm.... this was the definition I thought of when I was posting this thread, it's interesting that I get to see howmuch the definitions of others varied from my own.
I feel pretty bad when I deviate from it.
hey guys, how important is your integrity to you?
Personlay it matters a great deal to me.

I would say that it's very important to me. However, I don't think I really have distinct moral or ethical principles that I have put into words for myself. At least I know that I don't have some kind of list of them prepared in my mind.

Integrity for me is something I feel strongly within myself. I wouldn't be able to fully explain it to others even if my life depended on it. It's a really strong feeling of something at the very core of myself that makes me who I am, it's always present in every step I take, every decision I make. It's all about staying true to myself and if I start to ignore that I would be letting myself down.