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INFJ Nation.


Shai Gar

ENTPs have created an army, and invaded Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda.
Most of the population has been killed to the point where there is no resistance.
The genocide focused mainly on those who fought back, Warlords of Burundi and Rwanda, other known criminals and criminal organisations.

After the ENTPs consolidated their control over the place, they chose to give Lindi and Pwani provinces to the INFJs as their own nation. Mafia Island has been granted to the INFJs as well, although the province of Dar Es Salaam is being maintained by the ENTPs with very little structural damage as Sarin Gas and other chemical agents had been used. These lands have been granted to you because there's pretty much no one in the area anymore, and they've got other things to focus on.

The provinces have no surviving peoples, and no refugees as the ENTPs are keeping strict controls in place with regards to travel between provinces as a part of the consolidation.

It is yours to do with as you will.

Now, there is at last an INFJLand. How are you going to create the politics, government, economy and so on. ENTPs are allowing a mass influx of INFJs, but are keeping the waters under surveillance until such time as the place is securely theirs.

Fantasy Government is now at your fingertips, replete with real land so you can look at what's feasible.


It doesn't matter b/c you will nuke us in the end anyways, am I right? Or you might invade and make us all your slaves!

You just want us to breed before you move in on us! I'm on to you! :m196:
Hee, no. If we invade anywhere, it'd be Uganda and the Dem Rep of Congo.
Haha. Oh Shai, you megalomaniac, you.

I'm really curious when you'll latch onto a political party and start making these grandoise visions into a reality.
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So what you guys are saying is, you'd rather bitch and moan about politics, but not describe how you'd run a country.
Really, I would want to keep to myself mostly.

That being said, I would at the very least like to be in a position of power (intelligence maybe?) because I really, particularly in a case like this, would want to know what is going on. I don't want to be the person that creates or runs the government setup though.

Also, I would live on the coast and nowhere else (not gonna budge on this either), as I would be extremely paranoid about disease, and harmful animals if I were in too close proximity to the jungle area or grasslands.
I dont think we are capable or running a country...
We'd probably do a better job being councilors and wise-men giving advice to those in charge, and maybe with the power to Veto laws and bills.

Anyone read the Giver? I think he was INFJ...we'd be more like him
Ah, come on. With a theoretical opening like that, which is so undeniably expected of you that its long since reached the point of parody, you gotta give us a chance to stop giggling a bit before we get down to business.
Can I have a beach house somewhere along the south coast, please?

I like to keep to myself. :)
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The INFJ nation would quickly ally itself with the Confederated tribes of ISFP and together we would destroy the abomination that is the ENTP empire.
The ISFP Tribes have been wiped out by a few months of repeated non stop flyovers unleashing chemical weaponry and MOABs in quick succession.

Shai, you know INFJs can't make it happen on our own. What we *can* do, though, is appoint people who would be best at various tasks regardless of type. We'd need a few of everyone around to get started.


I think INFJfs is a good example of how an INFJ "country" could be run, eh?
The INFJ nation would quickly ally itself with the Confederated tribes of ISFP and together we would destroy the abomination that is the ENTP empire.

hmmmm interesting.

I would love an INFJ nation. But would our export products be?
Do you really need exports?

So long as there's healthy internal trade, nothing need be exported. If there's overproduction, that could be exported.
We don't need the ISFP tribe to bring it down.
INFJs are very capable of climbing the ladder of power and take over things
We are leaders who go by unnoticed. All we need is to implant our views and visions and start a revolution or a rebel and then we take it from there
We are very discrete people and we have a deeper understanding of human nature AND we are very capable of manipulating it.