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If you could take one movie back to 1931?


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Feb 12, 2009
If you could take one movie back in time to 1931 and replace the Frankenstein premiere, in which members of the audience were so alarmed by the original film that they had to add a disclaimer to the beginning of it when it was mass released, and show a different film from the 'future' what would it be?

I have this odd fantasy of showing Aliens to that audience that could barely handle the original Frankenstein film, just to see how insane it would make them.

Sweeney Todd? How about Halloween? Silence of The Lambs? Avatar? Terminator? Any chinese Wuxia movie? Kill Bill?

but that's not including dramas and things. I would love to show them Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Or Amelie.
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Maybe 'Back to the Future'. Because it would be appropriate :)

For fun - Saw 1 & 2.

Seriously, maybe American History X or some kind of film to warn about WWII.
Seriously, maybe American History X or some kind of film to warn about WWII.
Oh; yeah, forget about that one.

A series of WWII-related movies from many different countries just so they can all know WTF had happened.

Also, movies about Nazi, I suppose?
Avatar, and im sure they would STILL think it was pretentious and sucked.:m075:
I got to thinking about this subject and realized the best way to go would be to take period pieces back that predated the 1930s so that it would better be understood.

For example, The Unforgiven, Wyatt Earp, Dangerous Liaisons, etc.

Also, period style fantasy films such as The Lord of the Rings series, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the Prestige. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I think that the Lord of the Rings would be the perfect choice due to the cinematic and storytelling styles of these films.
I vote for Terminator series :D

Another suggestion is some random porn movie - it could have produced even bigger social impact.
I'd take back something like 'The Sound of Music' - just to thrill the audiences with the beautiful colour cinematography.
Harry Potter, because the effects might actually convince some people it was real.

Or V for Vendetta, just to see the sociological effects ;)
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Either Schindler's List or Idiocracy.

Probably Schindler's List. If they'd had some idea what was going on with the Jewish people, and foreknowledge of the war, they probably could have either ended the war earlier. Maybe even prevented Hitler from taking power in the first place.
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