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  • Happy Birthday BostonAndy!
    Hopefully we can see you around more often.
    Have a wonderful one. =)
    you got seven pages of responses.... no one thought it was dreadful

    You are a goof!

    in a good


    Don't worry, it's nothing exciting, probably best if you just don't hear it. The other members found it rather dreadful I think.
    There's two, try both.

    I delibrately made one Mp3 and the wav lest such a thing should happen.

    Wait, Denise has it on her laptop?

    Worried now...

    I tried to download it but it said it was an unsupported file.

    I will have to get denice to show it to me on her laptop.
    Thank heavens.


    I could have sworn you posted in it already.

    It's the rather inconspicuously named '(Audio) Blog.'

    It should be on the third or fourth page unless I deleted it...
    I prefer wicked.

    Whats this new thread nonsense about?


    I'm paranoid about every new thread now since I posted my audio blog.
    Denise?:X But I'm an INTP. That woman is like the Christ to my anti-Christ. She'd be all 'hugggssss affection!', and I'd be all 'LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE' only without speaking.

    And you?

    You'd be the bloody ENFJ you are and boss me about at every turn, and I'd just go with it to keep you quiet.<<


    Yeah, I can't see myself ever trustng anyone enough to get sexual with them, so I'm happy enough being asexual:3
    Yeah! Then maybe a death threat or two, a lifetime of awkward moments, a brick through my window, the loss of interest from every female I've ever been attracted to, the creepy dudes that'd approach me, the reaction of my father and the stereotypes that I'd be branded with. Not to mention never being able to look said guy in the face ever again.:X

    Besides that, not much:p
    Well... I just don't have the confidence to approach someone like that.

    Besides, I think of myself more of a pansexual that anything else... And yet, I'm pretty easily aroused.
    If these are curiosities then they're strong ones>>


    And being insecure and largely unattractive, no-one is sexually interested in me. So I get left alone, which suits me I guess.

    A bar? I'd never go into a gaybar.

    Not unless I brought someone older, more respectable and capable of warding off predators.:X
    Uhm. I dunno.

    It's not a subject I can talk about very easily, let alone in public.

    Lets just say I'm not perfectly straight.
    Oh, you commented on your own profile? No wonder I didn't get a response.

    Yeah, stuck up here in Ulster to be exact, nice place.

    Oh, by the by, I wasn't calling his sexuality deviant, I was refering to my own.:p
    HAHAHA!! you're a funny guy. I am just a normal person who knows how to say what he means.

    Thanks for the Jellybaby

    So hows it going over in Ireland? is that what I just read in your about me? Boston and Ireland have been close for a couple hundred years... we have alot of irish here.


    Well that was rhetoric, so I don't have any decent response.



    *holds out a bag*
    I mean, you seem all right and lovely, just until one questions your beliefs.
    You know like those precious politicians?
    Your writing reminds me of a friend of mine who's also an ENFJ. You seem to have similar approaches and insights. I've really been enjoying your posts. :smile:
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