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Roving spiritualist, photographer, and writer. Although I tend to be guarded and slow to trust, I am also loyal and caring.

Been all around this great nation and I am in love with New England. My trusted Pal, Katey, The wiemaraner, never leaves my side as I try to figure out this thing called life through the eyes of an artist.

Photography, painting in all media, and writing. I am an avid Film fan, and the golden age is my favorite era.

My degree is in art, but my life has been spent fighting for equality and civil rights.
November 22
Born In New Orleans, and after many great and small adventures in the Notorious French Quarter, I decided it was time to see how the rest of America lives. Made a few stops on the way to Boston and this is now the Home I love. As an artist, and a deeply spiritual person, I have the opportunity to look for new experiences and use my art to share them with others close to me.

My Life Partner was a victim of a Hate crime, and he passed away on 5-13-2003. I had spent many years dedicated to civil rights and was the chairman of a Community Center in New Orleans, but after his death, I found the public interest in his death due to my position within the community invasive and set out on an adventure to see more of the world with my Trusty best Friend Katey by my side, and to find a private way to grieve.

What I found was an unexpected world full of surprises at every turn. I have made peace with the loss and am content knowing that I have already found my soul mate and one day we will meet again, yet I am still hesitant to let someone into my circle of trust. I greet the world as an extrovert, but I do so with the caution of the wisdom that my life has brought me.
In descending order, which 6 things could you never do without?
My dog
My best friend and family of choice
My art and ability to express myself
My desire to understand the nature of the human soul
My curiosity
My Jeep
What would be your epitaph?
If you aren't going to eat the other half of that sandwich, can I have it?
I am living the life I want to lead. that is a gre