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  • Oh no, and i was just starting to lean back towards viewing myself as an infj.. lol.. this is getting quite entertaining.. so may i ask Bird, what made you honestly agree with me being an estj aside from me labeling myself as one?
    haha yeah you are right, because humans are complex, no matter how concise we try to get about who we are there will always be an instance that contradicts that which we think we are.. and i am good just trying to get the hang of using the forum still and stuff, how about yourself?
    ah, glad to hear that. i think you will like it here. and not to worry, there are plenty here unsure about their type. one of the biggest things i've learned, is though it's a nice tool, and can get pretty deep, it's only one aspect. So it really doesn't matter that much.

    How are you?
    i am good, glad i finally joined the forum, after lurking for so long. I didnt want to join unless i was sure of my mbti type, it feels good to finally contribute to discussions about infjs.
    i thought you would, that's why i put them there :D. I'm alright, how are you?
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