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I couldn't care less...


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Nov 29, 2008
How much do you really care about various issues and situations? I have to admit, sometimes I really don't care about certain things and I resent being made to care. But other things I care a great deal about while others just shrug about it.

Some examples: A student recently died at our college. I didn't know him, he was living off-campus, but he was part of our athletic team. A huge message from the campus president came into our message box saying the chapel would be open for mourners, etc. And when I worked in another department in the university if a student died in the residence hall, everyone would be upset and sad...except for me. I'd put on the show, but I didn't know the person. I could sympathize, but I didn't care that much...and I really hated having to pretend for the sake of the university (and my job).


When the school shooting happened in Virginia, I bawled like a baby. When I see major catastrophes happening and people losing homes or livelihood it physically hurts. When I read/see war or destruction I want to do something about it and those things are personal to me.

I guess it depends, doesn't it?

What do you care/don't care about?
Anymore I try to not care about most things. The only things I care about are things that I can directly control. I feel bad when people die it just don't last as long as it used too. I have had enough experience with death to know you have to accept it.So I get where you are coming from. I don't care for talkative people with nothing to say, and the way they trap you with their conversation. I keep looking for a window to leave and just as I get ready to say it they change the subject and start a new conversation. It's maddening especially when you have something to do. lol
honestly, I also really dont care about much anymore. Its kinda something like an "oh ok thing" for pretty much everything. Even when I'm in a conversation and I look as if I'm really inside the conversation, nowadays, my mind is usually somewhere else. I seem to have this ability to talk without me actually knowing what I am saying, not that I care about what I say anymore anyway ;) . Only if i really feel like talking or the conversation is meaningful, I'm in it. Otherwise, I'm pretty much just sleep talking
I don't really care about most environmental issues.
Me too lol I am so tired of hearing how bad it is. If a volcano blew it's top we would all be screwed!
I think each of us have different levels or degrees of caring, different ways and actions of showing we care, and different opinions about what we should actually do if we care at all.
I am caught between not caring about anything and caring about everything.

We care when we feel it pertains to us. I think it is important to care, but is difficult to do so.
I feel the exact same way, Arbygil
I dont care when school shootings happen.

For some reason I care that smoking is prohibited at my school, even though I dont smoke. I am also concerned that my college requires attendance.
There are few things I don't care about, but almost all of them are covered on the news.
If it's not real to me, I don't care about it. I heard something vaguely about fires in Australia. Didn't care. Until I joined here and realized some people on here live there. That's when it hit home. I'm great with abstract concepts, but I don't care about abstract happenings. Like SH - most of the news I just don't care about.
sometimes I care a LOT about stupid things. other times I don't care about things that are supposed to be important, so I end up caring about caring about something unimportant for me (if this..makes any sense)
It's always easier to care only about what matters to you than about everything. By the way, school shootings aren't that sad because of the people who die, but more like because of the reasons the shooter did what he did. No one ever cares about their reasons, though, and I don't know why.
I always feel sorry for the shooter...

High School is the worst time of a geeks life.
I feel bad for everyone involved, but most of the shootings I've seen weren't by the kid that was being picked on all his life.
I never feel sorry for a shooter taking it upon himself to destroy other people's lifes. I would tend to possibly, and I mean possibly, have a little compassion toward someone that jumped off a bridge maybe. Making a nasty mess for someone else to clean up is inconsiderate, let alone what it does to family and friends. But for someone to walk onto a campus killing people because they are messed up? I am sorry I was not there to end it for him before anyone else got hurt. That is about as sorry as I can feel for someone shooting students....they lived too long.
I have no interest in caring.

And I'm happy with that choice.

Maybe it's just the selfish teenage years taking control, eh?

Oh but I do feel the most sympathy for the shooters, If I feel any sympathy at all.
I don't really care about anything. I tell people that they mistake my benign indifference for kindness and my detached curiosity for concern. I must be pretty good at faking because everyone thinks i'm the KINDEST girl they've ever met. HAHAHAHAHA.....