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I am traumatized!


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May 11, 2008
I actually took the time today to learn how the banking system works via this highly touted video.


And then on top of that I learned in sociology about how the distribution of wealth has changed in this country since 1968. Apparently the top 5% own 90% of the wealth, has seen 95% of the income growth, and up until 2000 was paying only 68% of the taxes. Of course, it has dropped signifcantly since the Bush tax cuts, but we have no way of proving that since Bush prohibited the IRS from providing the statisticians with the information they have tradtioonally used to calcluate who is paying what.

I'm not one for conspiracy theories but I'm really starting to believe the rich are out to get us!

Add on top of that this huge bailout which seems to utterly doom us to depression either way and it seems like the richest people in this country have enslaved us all.
So what's new? They aren't out to get us, just harvest the sweat off our backs...
I'm not one for conspiracy theories
but I'm really starting to believe the rich are out to get us!

Vote Mayflow 08! http://forum.infjs.com/showthread.php?t=870

I can guarantee that I have no rich backers! (I know I can't win until 2012, but
then the world will end, but that's no big deal as my foreign policy deals with the Ancient Mayans and also certain alien beings who would rather be unmentioned at present.)

I will do a full disclosure by then and explain why I bailed out Ford Motor Campany due
to contacts from Singapore, and accepted the intergalactic spaceship as a cybergift.

I bailed out Ford with my own savings, not the taxpayer's and the spaceship was just a
gift, nothing more.
Just watched it, very interesting, I recommend everyone watch it if you get the chance. Quite scary really, and I don't think the conspiracy theory is so far fetched.
A conspiracy known only to the super-rich...I want to get in on it! :hungry:
uhmmm, that's not a conspiracy, that's how capitalism works.

how the hell did you miss that?
uhmmm, that's not a conspiracy, that's how capitalism works.

how the hell did you miss that?

I actually didn't bother to watch the video. I certainly want to get in on capitalism, too, if that's what is in question.
Meh, can't hate the rich for being rich, good on em. Can't fault them for using the laws that have been set up to minimise their tax bills either. The laws are not fair but anyone can use them, it takes self education.

The problem besides the law is education, kids are not taught about money, people grow up believing the great American/Australian dream is to find a good job and own a home (going into debt), our education system is the product of the industrialisation generation, people were required to work in the factories not to think for themselves or become independently wealthy, issues like the value, or lack their of, that money holds were not taught, meanwhile the banks are selling the idea that people want [luxury item = debt]. Credit is used as cash, people get more money than they spend it on things that will never bring them a return thus getting further into debt, it’s the buy now pay later mentality and of course those who understand and make the rules will take advantage of this, it’s capitalisation.

If that video is news to anyone check out the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki's or What I didn't learn at school but wish I had by Jamie McIntyre (just don't get sucked into his seminars or anything, his book has good information but you will be spammed). You can find both online for free if you look in the right places.

Btw, if you want to add to the ‘conspiracy theories’ you should look into who owns the large private banks, you’ll find it’s just a small handful of families...
:D I read that book years ago. It was the start to my financial education, When I joined Amway they sent me a whole lot of books of that series and others. I've got a very good financial knowledge backing now. I just need some capital.