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Human trafficking/modern day slavery


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Nov 18, 2008
This makes me want to rip people to shreds. How could anyone be capable of this??? How is it possible to be such an indecent, despicable human being?

And WHY is so little done about this??!! It's the 21st fucking century! Why is this permitted to continue?! Do most people even know about it?

Thoughts? In general, not necessarily to my rant, though feel free.
Heh It's horrible.

But there are more pressing problems in the world.

And the people who end up as slaves are usually of the wrong race and social stratum.

So no one cares
Because some humans are still tied to such immoral beliefs, Some people still believe they are better than other people, some people still believe that the strong should govern over the weak etc. A lot of people have not evolve from that. But I agree,It is horrible, pathetic, stupid, and sad. It does make me want to shred people to pieces like you said.
It continues because people in power want it to continue. Some of the notably wealthy get their jollies off the stuff. It's more of a power trip then the power of money.
I feel incredibly juvenile when it comes to a few topics, this one included. Or maybe naive, rather than juvenile. I know not everyone's saintly, but how is it possible that people are so completely vile? See.. here I am judgmental again.. it's just so fricken hard not to be. How could anyone not want repeatedly throw up their insides, cut up their face, maybe cut themselves all over, beat themselves to a bloody pulp, throw themselves down flights of stairs, subject themselves to public lynching and stoning (only to the point of torture, not death), then blow their brains out and chuck themselves off a skyrise after forcing others, including children, into sexual and labour slavery?
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It's awful. What shall we do about it?
Even the innocents?

I wouldn't mind annihilation for some people sometimes *sigh* or just their sick ways.

I don't know Elf..

When will this world become a more just place?
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lack of empathy, usually in childhood when individuals in question become desensitized to it, it becomes as easy as squashing an ant. People r seen as objects and the mind set is; 'as long as it's not happening to me, and as long as this person is providing me with a service that suits me, then I feel nothing but self satisfaction from the act' When our core beliefs r being moulded in childhood, the brain developed according to whatever pathways are created with the contribution of nature/nurture. There r some who could grow up in a family where there was human slavery going on, and be fine with it. There r others who would rebel against it and be shunned from family and whatever 'community' they were part of living in. Unfortunately, not everyone really looks at the big picture.

Often times, things like our own personal feelings of hurt and injustices get in the way of caring about anyone else, so when we feel like victims ourselves, we victimize others around us. Perhaps this, along with undiagnosed mental disorders amoung other things too, caused so many wars, accepted cultures etc. Human trafficing is dispicable. This is my judgment on the matter, and that's fine with me... my opinion and my judgement. I have been told that I need to lighten up and not to take life so seriousely, but I feel as tho if I did lose track of my consience and awareness, then I would feel as tho I was less of a human being. I am proud to say that with my large amounts of empathy, I can see the victim in any abuser. It is simply a victim acting out their rage and pain with word and deed. One of my closest friends is an offender of a horrible crime. This friend was doing just that- being a dangerous victim of his own rage and pain. What can we do about it? The only thing I know of that is a sure cure for the future, is to spread awareness thru love, tollerance and empathy. It's hard to leave judgment out of it, but it is a slow process... acknowleging an abusive person or situation is the first step. The second is to be there for everyone involved, altho within the slowness of the process, too many suffer for wayyy too long, this is the main part that I feel so helpless about for myself. To disarm a narsisist is another important part. Presenting a situation in a factual way that leaves the hurtful party with nothing to retort, is a simple way to gain some potential for listening to one's self for perhaps the first time ever in one's life... 'why am I doing this?'... 'omg what am I doing?' to hopefully, 'omg, what have I done?' to 'I'm sorry for what I've done"...

But it starts with me, and it starts with you. We have to care for everyone in question, because no body was born bad, just what we were brought up around to be seen as our sense of 'normal'. So ya, use yr empathy and try not to judge because when someone who is hurting others feels judged, it feeds their apathy and justisfies their behavior to them. This is just part of human nature that I have become familiar with throughout my 38 yrs here on this earth.
The U.S. tries to address the problem with popular movies like "Taken", in which the solution offered is that a white man come in, kills everyone involved, and takes back his daughter. But, of course, none of the other girls are rescued, because they are all non-white and barely speak English.

But hey, at least the movie had good action scenes! *sarcasm*
I would say because we have not progressed with the Transhumanism movement. Humans are primitive and centered around a burning desire to reproduce that others consider, normally, 'a sex drive'. Once this is eliminated, as well as the power aspect of our brute society, humans will have more potential and will get rid of these silly ways.