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  • lol, yup right now I have done about the same amount. I also have 3 more years ahead, but I doubt I am taking summer school again. I just can't. I need to travel. :p
    too much stress for too long. With school, and life, etc. I only got a break a few days ago, and now I only have 2 weeks before school starts again. But it's all good. =)
    Aw, I am sorry to hear that. Well at least, now you know why it's taking too long.
    aw, well perhaps it takes a while?

    If not, tell him there's a whole forum community that is waiting! that should get him working :tongue:
    ooo, all those are fantastic places. I've been to all of them but one.

    I am glad that you're honeymoon went better than you're wedding.. well at least, right? What matters now is the future not the past. =]

    When are you sharing the pictures? :D
    :O You were in Montreal?!... I don't get a hello?

    jokes side, how did you like the city? Any special places you visited? :smile:
    Aw, well hopefully the weather man is wrong and it doesn't rain.

    and I am excited for you! lol

    Hope all goes well. =)
    "Oh, also, can someone explain to me (as a newbie) why this isn't in mediation? What's the difference between something a thread like this and a mediation thread? PM me, please, or reply here. I'm curious to know more about the goings-on here."

    Hmm. I believe M's thread is not a mediation because of the fact that she didn't technically break any forum rules. She lied. That's not something you can ban someone off the forum for thoug. Typically, mediation threads are threads that are aimed at getting the person accused of committing a forum infraction to explain what they did and discuss their reasoning. M also made her apology thread of her own volition. Mediation threads are usually started by moderators/admins.
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