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How do you feel about your introvertedness?

I become frazzled and awkward after too much socializing. I start to feel like I'm falling apart (but that could just be my neurosis.) I don't mind silence, in fact, I prefer it.. but engage in conversation mostly for absurdity's sake.

When I'm alone I usually feel relieved and restful and comfy. I'm stressed out around people I don't know. I put all unwanted pressure on myself to entertain them, but I just don't have it in me.

I hardly make new friends. It's very hard for me to make friends with people, yet I have dozens of acquaintances and social contacts.
Introverted requires that I work harder to develop certain kinds of communication to best function professionally. I like my ability to concentrate and work through ideas over extended periods alone. I enjoy being quiet and alone. I'm willing to change a few things to function best in the external world, but I don't think introversion itself is a problem. There are advantages as well.
I like being an introvert, the way I understand it anyway. I'll be honest with you lot, I've kinda checked out intellectually with the veracity of the whole mbti thing. Meh. i'm really not going to spend years trying to figure out what type I am because in the end, does it really matter? I could go up to 100 people and tell them, "Why I'm an infj, pleased to meet you!" and it would mean nothing to them even if they understood what I was on about. Although that sounds like a fun way to introduce yourself so I might gvie it a try as a social experiment one of these days.

However, I like being an introvert in the sense that I like my inner world much better than the outer world. I feel like the outer world is where I play, don't take much seriously. The material doesn't mean that much to me beyond its ability to fuel my whims and imagination. i pretty much treat it all like an illusion until I've a reason not too.

But my inner world is where I grow and process. Its where I dream and create. Its where I find a way to really connect to other people strangely. To be in the world but not quite of it? I have no idea, maybe I just spent too much time talking to imaginary people as a kid and I decided I liked them better than real people. Or maybe my introversion is just my control freak tendencies masking themselves as philosophy, depth and meaning. Hee.
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I barely notice it. At times, I almost convince myself I am an extrovert. But then days like these come where I am home alone and have the house to myself (All to clean, mind you) but it's so relaxing. I love it. Just my cats and I; I'd like to be like this forever. I don't even mind the cleaning, as long as I get to be alone!
Unlike extroverts, people should do their thinking in silence and not impose it on the rest of us. Thinking out loud is bad manners.


This is SUCH an INTP statement!
I think Extroversion and Introversion both have good and bad points.

Introversion is good because you can usually zone out quite easily and go into your own thoughts so you're never bored really. You also can manage well alone and are autonomous.
However, it can be bad when you become unable to deal with people for a length of time - this is usually necessary for jobs, education etc.

As a vaguely related issue being shy is also a hindrance for jobs and makes you miss out on some things or be overlooked.

(excuse the bad post, I'm very tired =.=)
I have moments that I like being an introvert, but more often it bothers me. I feel like it limits me in a way. I know it shouldn't, but I think it often does. To make it even worse I'm a shy introvert. So often I want to say something, or do something but I don't.. There's just so much inside that people don't see.

We live in an extroverted world, so however silly it sounds, I somehow feel like I am at disadvantage because of it.
However, I like being an introvert in the sense that I like my inner world much better than the outer world. I feel like the outer world is where I play, don't take much seriously.

I feel like my inner world is where I play.. The outer world is all a chore.
I like playing inside my forest and exploring all the corners of it. There is so much green in it that going out of it is dull and dangerous. The wolves live outside of this forest and if I go out of its boundaries I will get eaten by them. So no, I'd rather stay here.