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May 23, 2008
Hmm, so much talk about the bad stuff so...

What are the best traits that you or other INFJs posses?
I'm awesome in every way, and humble!
I like being visionary and ahead of the far,in fact, that it automatically seems to come with a keen sense of humility. It's hard to be full of onesself when one is essentially out-of-step.

Being able to make connections about greater truths has helped me be far more adventurous in life than I might have been otherwise. It's also helped me make tough life choices that have really panned out quite nicely in the large scheme of things.

I also got lucky in being able to use those INFJ skills in my job and to see a good measure of success from them.
I like being able to relate to and understand a wide variety of people.

I like being able to gain a good understanding of almost anything I put my mind too, without too much effort.

I love the feeling of when Ni pays off and everyone around you is like "how the **** did you know that?!?"

I like being able to be (or at least give the impression of) cool, calm and collected as the world falls apart around me.
I like the sense of peace that I experience in INFJ presence.
As an INFJ, I love the chaotic stream of thought that runs through my mind when I relax.
I have a male co-worker who is INFJ (I hardly ever see him. Go figure!) but I thought I'd think about him because what I see good in him I might see about myself. What I like about him is his kindness and the fact that we can sit outside, enjoy the sun and say very little and yet have a wonderful relaxing time. It's nice to enjoy the company of someone without the pressure of having to be 'on'. I think maybe people feel that from me too, a silent connection, so that's a good thing.
ShaiGar said:
As an INFJ, I love the chaotic stream of thought that runs through my mind when I relax.

Perhaps, but when it stops it means something is very, very wrong.
me too! :D
+2!!!! People freak out when I dine alone. Why...I happen to enjoy my own company!!! If I ever meet someone I actually want to be around for a good long while, I might actually go on a date someday! Hasn't happened in 10 years, but ya never know!!
I have strong empathy for people around me, especially those who are weaker. I get drawn to the underdogs, I don't know why!

Most of the time, I'm pretty spot-on on what my friends are feeling and thinking... :)

When a friend of mine broke up with his fiance, I immediately suspected that she was seeing someone else. He didn't reveal anything. He barely cited that it was a mutual agreement to split up - although they just bought a house and car together(!). An ENTP friend asked me how I could be so sure that the problem lies with her. I don't know how I came to that conclusion, but I just knew. True enough, she was seen with another guy one month later...

That's the beauty of an INFJ, isn't it?
I like the deep connection with the universe I can sometimes feel. Being able to get complete and utter fulfillment for a moment. I don't think it can happen to most other types as easily.

I like the peaks of joy and happiness I can get from being so sensitive. The fact that a smile in the street or a song can make my day.
I like knowing that I feel things on a deeper level

LOVE my imagination!