Georgia Invaded!


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Bogus TV report of Russian invasion panics Georgia

Panic was sparked in Georgia after a TV station broadcast news that Russian tanks had invaded the capital and the country's president was dead.


The Imedi network report, which brought back memories of the 2008 war between Russia and Georgia, was false.
But mobile phone networks were overwhelmed with calls and many people rushed onto the streets.
Imedi said the aim had been to show how events might unfold if the president were killed. It later apologised.
The head of the holding company which owns Imedi TV, George Arveladze, said he was sorry for the distress that the TV report had caused.
Didn't we already learn this lesson with Orson Welles back in 1938?

(Also, why do people rush into the streets when bad news arrives? I don't see how that helps anything.)
(Also, why do people rush into the streets when bad news arrives? I don't see how that helps anything.)

I think "rushing the streets" is just a nice way of saying they were trying to get the hell out of Dodge. They were probably scrambling to leave, to yank their children out of school, to find loved ones, etc.
I would be running to my scooter to avoid the bombs hitting my building.

If russia invaded I would be expecting air strikes to accompany tanks.

I for one welcome our new Russian Overlords...
Maaan...that's just horrific. With all the fear and paranoia in the world today, why would anyone do a news broadcast like that? Maybe on SNL or Mad TV sure. Or the Onion. But that station manager should be fired to allow something like that.
Just give it a couple of weeks. The citizens can always pretend to be an angry pro-russian mob targeting pro-government institutions including Imedi TV. See what the producer thinks when he's cuffed, on his knees, told that the building has been burned to the ground, family killed, and that he's about to be executed. APRIL FOOLS, SUCKA!

Producer: "Oh....SNAP! You guyz" lol =D

But seriously, what is with hypothetical news anyway? Who wants some dramatization of what "could" happen on an actual news station? That's not real news!
I think it's time Georgia started thinking intelligently about what would happen if they keep pissing Russia off about S.O. maintaining their independence from Georgia and talking tough with America.
It was probably some sort of test to see how people would react.
Russia was most likely quietly cheering on 9/11 because it meant they could increase their incursions into Chechnya in the name of hunting terrorists. Maybe the increased military activity in the region as a result make the invasion of Georgia more likely.