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Friends You Love but You Don't Know Why


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Jun 19, 2009
I have two friends who I really care about but they are a complete puzzle to me. I must be drawn to their hearts because I don't understand their personalities. I wouldn't be able to assign them an MBTI in a million years.

Do you have friends like this?
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Yes, yes. It's wonderful isn't it. :) Some people are like aliens to me (as I must be to them), but I adore them anyway.
Yes, yes. It's wonderful isn't it. :) Some people are like aliens to me (as I must be to them), but I adore them anyway.

I have one friend, me and her couldn't be more different in some elements, but she has my respect and my friendship in a way that don't have many people:)
My two best friends are exactly the same. One is an INTP which she isn't that hard to understand once you've gotten used to her sense of humour, but my ENFP friend i'm not so sure. I love her to bits, but some things she does would usually make me cringe (personality wise, I mean) and be repelled by them. But, for an unexplained reason she's one of my closest friends, though my INTP friend moreso.
I have two wonderful friends who I have a hard time typing but I chalk it up to me not knowing them well enough.

I know them but I don't know them, you know?
I have this but reversed. I love someone for who they are and I completely get them, but they probably don't get me at all. Very strange circumstance.
One of my ESFJ friends drives me mad, she's so high-strung and emotionally overwhelming.
I have friends that I don't even know why I'm friends with them, if that's what you mean. They pretty much suck.
No, just about everyone I know in real life fits into MBTI when I think about it. I'm still not that good at typing people, but I'm working on it.
The more unpredictable a friend is (in a good way) the closer I seem to be to them. I know I shouldn't play favourites with my friends but my most favourite friend/person in the whole wide world has a personality I have never come across before. We hit it off I think because she has just as much stance in her morals as I do, which I highly respect, and she can stand my constant teasing and puts up a good fight back. She is a challenger and a nurturer at the same time and speaks all her thought processes out loud which I find very amusing and interesting. I completely get her but what she'll do next is unpredictable in a "that is so her" kind of way.

As for most of my other friends... what? I have no idea what has me coming back. :D
yeah I've got a friend and we hardly talk at all just sit in silence but I'd prefer her company to most others
I have a friend who both hates my INFJ and depends on it - I balance her out. We give each other new perspectives on the world.
I know what personality my friends are...and usually, immediate caring and love for a person will mean that they're probably a well-developed ENFJ.

I question my relationships with my friends often, though, so I usually know what makes me happy about them.