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Form Sentences using periodic table!!

Sep 20, 2009
lol, we had a free day in science so we decided to play a game!! it's quite fun have to come up with sentences/phrases using only the periodic symbols:

so for example, if you come up with let's say ''snow white'', then you need to explain how you got it.

Sn(tin)O(oxygen)W(tungsten) W(Tungsten)H(Hydrogen)I(Iodine)Te(tellurium)
I guess I will post some of mines.

Brown Moose- Br(Bromine)O(oxygen)W(tungsten)N(Nitrogen) Mo(molybdenum)O(Oxygen)Se(Serenium)

Irene runs- I(Iodine)Re(rhenium)Ne(Neon) Ru(rhutenium)N(NItrogen)S(sulfur)

Clark bounces- Cl(Chlorine)Ar(Argon)K(Pottasium) B(Boron)O(oxygen)U(Uranium)N(Nitrogen)Ce(cerium)S(sulfur)
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i cant make it, I am feeling hard to make it.

lol it is quite hard...

here are some more I came up with

Pink eraser: P(Phosphorus)I(Iodine)N(Nitrogen)K(Potassium) Er(erbium)As(Arsenic)Er(Erbium)

try words if you can't come up with sentences>

Raccoon: Ra(radium)C(Carbon)Co(cobalt)N(Nitrogen)
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I F:O:U:Nd T:He Fe, Te, Ti, Se, Si, Ne, Ni F:U:N:C:Ti:O:N:S O:N T:He:Re ... W:He:Re I:S F:I ?
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I F:O:U:Nd T:He Fe, Te, Ti, Se, Si, Ne, Ni F:U:N:C:Ti:O:N:S O:N T:He:Re ... W:He:Re I:S F:I ?

lol, that's genius!!

here are some more:

Nintendo Ds: N(Nitrogen)In(Indium)Te(Tellurium)Nd(neodymium)O(Oxygen) Ds(Darmstadium)

False response F(Fluorine)Al(Aluminum)Se(Selenium) Re(rhenium)S(Sulfur)P(Phosphorus)O(Oxygen)N(Nitrogen)Se(Selelium)
Of course there are intrinsic limitations to this as not every alphebet combination can be formed by elemental names.

Nevertheless here are some letters that you could cheat with! As these are very very common abbreviations encountered (mostly in organic chemistry)

R: This stands for a generic substituted group to nearly any molecule.
G: Similar to R, this is less common, but stands for "generic". This can also stand for a "G function" (usually a metalic functional group).
X: This stands for any generic halogen (F, Cl, Br, and I).
M: Stands for a generic metallic group.
Me: Shorthand for a methyl group (-CH3).
Et: Shorthand for a ethyl group (-CH2CH3).
Bu: Shorthand for a butyl group (-(CH2)3CH3)), there are several isomers for this that can be written as; nBu, secBu or iBu, and tBu.
E: Stands for a "E function" molecule, usually a O or N, creating a postive negitive bond path.
A: Stands for an "A function" which is an ambigiuous functional group, such as a -NO2 group.

There are other common shorthands, but other elements already cover them, such as Ac and Pr. I also likely missed a few.


No = Nobelium

O = Oxygen

B = Boron
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Lu(lutetium) Ca(calcium) S(sulfur) Fr(francium) O(oxygen) W(tungsten) N(nitrogen) S(sulfur) As(arsenic) H(hydrogen) I(iodine) S(sulfur) Br(bromine) O(oxygen) Th(thorium) Er(erbium) B(boron) Ar(argon) Ge(germanium) S(selenium) In(indium). He(helium) Ha(hahnium) Te(tellurium) S(sulfur) Th(thorium) At(astatine)
F(fluorine) Ra(radium) N(nitrogen) K(potassium) Ne(neon) V(vanadium) Er(erbium) K(potassium) N(nitrogen) O(oxygen) C(carbon) K(potassium) S(sulfur).

Be(berrylium) Ca(calcium) U(uranium) Se(selenium) O(oxygen) F(fluorine) H(hydrogen) Er(erbium) Fe(iron) Ar(argon) O(oxygen) F(fluorine) C(carbon) O(oxygen) B(boron) Ra(radium) S(sulfur), S(sulfur) He(helium) S(sulfur) C(carbon) Re(rhenium) Am(americium) S(sulfur).