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Follow your heart and let providence take over


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May 11, 2008
No, I have not become a theist. I don't believe in any deity pulling strings.

However, this saying exemplifies how I have decided to live my life. I will follow my heart when I make my decisions and then let fate take over and hope that things will work out. I figure that is the only way I can live life without any regrets and to the fullest. The only downside is I have no idea where I am going to end up.

I find that I too often become paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong choice. Not because I have no confidence in myself, but because of the uncertainty of what the future holds. It's just too easy to ruminate over the pros and cons of my various choices and then run out of time and miss opportunities. I've read many religious scriptures, self help books, and philosophical doctrines in an attempt to find an answer to this conundrum and they more or less say the same thing in different ways. You have to follow your heart, and let the fates take over.

Does anyone else live in this manner? Are there better ways to live?
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I'm not sure we can ever completely seperate our minds and emotions. Each one influences the other. I don't think we can utilize ourselves to the fullest unless we take advantage of both. Yep, we can make decisions that don't include both or either, but I usually get in trouble or physically or emotionally hurt when I do that. Isn't that what the "duality" is all about?
Follow your heart and let providence take over

I kind of follow this, in a way. As much as my parents try to tell me I don't, I know myself better than just about anyone else does. Since I got into college, my intuition has led me in the right direction. (In high school, it gave me some suspicious/conspiracy theorist tendencies in my social life).

If you make a wrong choice, there's always another opportunity (Providence).
Are there better ways to live?
Than a life of significance and danger? You have to be kidding!

Here's your other option

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i agree with this. this is the way i try to live my life. i think if i don't make an attempt to do what's important to me deep down that i will regret it later. i have also always had trouble concentrating on going through with things i think are "good decisions" (eg when i started a psych degree once), rather than trying to make a serious go at what has been really important to me.

i don't truly regret any decisions i've made though. it's ok to make the wrong decision. i learned a lot. and i'm happy with what i'm becoming after all of it.