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  • Also; I've worked hard, on building a support network of people. They all have, yet some in particular, been real life lifesavers,allowing me to presently survive (literally) and continue on being a source of help and encouragement to others. Having a life, with the integral opportunity to use your own special gifts, is remarkably satisfying, I've found..I have trouble with obtaining the logistical, concrete needs of human existance yet am not the least bit interested in giving up, especially when I experience the abilities I have to help others, after I've been allowed/helped to continue doing so by they're help, along with that of others.
    Hi Eidelweiss; Looks like it's been a year since any communication directly between us..I got on some meds. Results are dramatic. They allow me to be more myself, more fuctional and of more use to myself and others. Thanks for your good wishes towards that goal. I started this msg. about my stuff, cause I did'nt want to come across as prying. How do you like school? I'm involved in numerous support groups addressing emotional healing. Well, for now, that's, my story and I'm stickin' to it.....(-= H.
    Hi ;Glad to get back to you.How have you been?School starts soon,right?I'm continuing to read/research relationships.I'm not bored yet...Since you are a psych. student,you may find use of latest books,I've been reading/ studying.They're proving very helpful to me,and it's surprising what I find,and where I find it,as far as insights are concerned.Both are by Laura Doyle"The Surrendered Single"please don't let title mislead you,and I'm sure you won't,and"Things Will Get As Good As You Can Stand"Your previous conversation(s)with me,have been encouraging and thanks,you're a dear.
    Eidelweiss:Nice to hear from you once again.I'm looking forward to any discussion in future.Psych,and interpersonal dynamics have yet to bore me(and it's been quite-a while.)In fact,my own case study(of me)could be called my pet project.Sounds a little off,but I'll go with that...
    Hi eidelweiss;Good to hear from you.Seems we have a common interest of psychology.I've been fascinated with our human minds since I was very little.Would have to say the things I am most fond of,are-the things we posses inside ourselves-our capacities to love,to aspire, to want to grow,know,and enjoy!Say Hi,anytime.H.
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