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Emotional Health


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Aug 15, 2009
selfish- healthy- selfless-
l l l
l l l
considers themselves is capable of considers others
to be most being both selfish to be more
important and selfless. important than
and is capable of is honest with one's self. is
behaving in ways one's self and others. capable of acting in
that benifit themselves ways that benifit
while harming others. others while harming
their self.

Sometimes its necessary to act more selfish or more selfless to bring yourself back to health.
Sry if my ideas where obvious to any one, but they took me a long time to figure out.
EDIT: Oh no! I had my ideas set up like a spectrum but it didn't tranlate. Here, I'll just reply with wha tI was actually trying to say.
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sonsiders themselves most important and is capable of behaving in ways that benifit themselves while harming others,

is capable of being both selfish and selfless. is honest with one's self and others.

considers others to be more important than themselves but and acts in ways that bnifits others while harming themself.

Sry for the mix up.
Thank you :)
I plan on using this theory to try and bring me back to being a healthy person again.
Sounds like a plan!
I think this can be developed into something very interesting. :D